Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11th 2011


Life is starting to get organized into a schedule! Jason is working hard at Physio twice a week , and doing his own house of pain at the town shop with his new work out machine the "Equalizer".

He has tried to make a stop by the office as often as he can and hopes to make it happen at least once a day now.

Today was Lunch meeting with the Sunny 94 Boys!! Nice to see

Stopped out at the Plant to see what was happening!

Jigger wants to find a way to get back in the Loader!!

Ryker jumped right in and started forming up some bins for landscape product!

Jason ,Colette,Cadence,Ryker and Griffen would all like to thank Everyone for their continued support now that they are back HOME!! It is a great feeling to be back and in the community!


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  1. Well all reports tell me Jason is well and contiues to strive for better, better, best! All the power to you and I look forward to our next meeting so I can witness your positive power. Love and hugs Shelly