Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th 2011

Jason and Colette had a quiet day today, no word from the Glenrose yet? Hoping to stop there tomorrow and check it out? Ask a few questions?

Jigger just chilling with his tunes Kensey loaded up for him!! Little ACDC

Cadence was back at it on the ice tonight in Red Deer 1st game of playoffs, tight game but lost 4-3.Second one goes tommorrow in Lacombe. GO ONE TOOTH!!

Jason and Colette want to wish Misty a very happy 30th Birthday and to have a Fantastic trip in Mexico!

See you tomorrow Jigger! KEEP HOLDING THE ROPE!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27th 2011

Karen and Mark Crosby with Lucas and Sidney up for a visit this weekend.

 The Lunn girls sporting some Provincial Medals! Central Alberta AA Ringette got 2 of the 3 Bronze medals they were playing for today! Jigger got a hug from all his girls.

Jason and Colette just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all the Central Alberta parents for taking care of Cadence this weekend at provincials, it was very much appreciated!

Mandy and Nathon were up today for a visit too. Jigger looked good today and was happy to see everyone this weekend.

Making a trip over to the Glenrose tomorrow to see what the hold up is? GO get them Colette.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th 2011

We had an exciting day at the rink today. Looks like all three lunn girls are playing in the Bronze final tomorrow! Cadence lost a tough battle in a mini game tonight 1-0 to Zone 5 to knock them out of the Gold medal game.

Very proud of them all, Colette got to get out to the rink today to watch Cadence play.

Jigger was sporting a new Super bowl Champions hat that Alan brought up for him !

Jigger had visits from Karen and Mark Crosby and family today. Grandma Dea was there today while Colette was at the rink. We are hoping to have some medals to show him tomorrow when we are dione!


Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25th 2011

Jigger sporting a new hair cut! Looking svelt!!

Oh Ya and new Glasses! Thanks Dr. Rob

Had a great day Multi tasking! Physio and a hair cut at the same time!

Some awesome news today for Cadence! She was named Captain of the Central Alberta U12AA Sting today! Very big honour for her and we are so proud of her! GO STING!

And we are all        HOLDING THE ROPE!

Hoping to bring some Hardware over to you soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th 2011

Jason and Colette had lots of company today. Dave and Kris spent some time with Jigger while Colette went for lunch with Granma Dea and Bud and Barb Morrison.
Jay Froc made some time for a good visit with Jigger and Gerald and Shirley Bajema made a trip up to see Jason and Colette. Very nice to see all the friends and spend some time with everyone.

Jigger Enjoying some cookies Nicole and Grant sent up! Colette needs the recipe? YUM

The girls are all tucked in ready to play their first games in the morning! GO STING!

And we are all HOLDING THE ROPE! Jigger

See you soon!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23 rd 2011

Quite day today Jason and Colette enjoyed some laughs over lunch down in the atrium.Charolette Duck was in for a visit and Grandma Dea was visiting and on the search for new glasses for Jigger!

Looks like the old hurry up and wait has kicked in again, so cross your fingers and send out a request so we get the call from the Glen rose SOON!

Kensey-Bryn-Cadence are all up in Edmonton this weekend for AA Provincials! GO STING!!

We will see you tomorrow Jigger! HOLDING THE ROPE!

February 22nd 2011

D&M Sales team was up to visit today, had some laughs talked some shop! Jigger was catching up on some work stories and talking about stuff~

Ok so today was about having some laughs?

 Jigger a few years ago!

And Jigger today just having some fun!

Ok We need to get him over to the Glenrose! Looks like we have a little cabin fever setting in! Should hear something this week. He is ready to get the ball rolling over there!

Keep up the smiles Jigger!                 HOLDING THE ROPE! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st 2011 Family Day

Happy Family Day From the Lunnn's!

Jigger started the day with a shave from Ryker! He is practicing his technique!

Cadence got some suprise Fans today at her game in St. Albert today! Then she got to get her cuddlie in with DAD!

The boys snuck in another snuggle before thay headed home!

Looking forward to a big week and hopefully a move to the Glenrose! Good luck buddy!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20th 2011

Busy day up in Edmonton today! Lori spent a couple days up with Colette and Jason, wanted to get rid of a nurse or two! Good job Craven!
John and Sharron brought the boys up to see mom and dad.Both got some snuggle time with Dad. Cadence was playing Ringette in Calgary today in the Gold Final at the Lonnie Krahn Tournament.GO ONE TOOTH!!

Lost in the Gold final to St Albert! Looking forward to AA Provincials in Edmonton this weekend, they will get them then!

Colette had Cousins Jackie and Les stop by for a visit today, got Jigger up in his chair for supper tonight! Physio was run by Colette today, her version of HOP!

Looking good Jigger! Keep pushing through!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19th 2011

Jason and Colette got their tour of the Glenrose yesterday, looks like an amazing place. Got to see the unit wher Jigger may be soon! Very new and some very friendly people over there so they can't wait to get moved over.

Jigger has got his appetite back! He is liking food so much he even ate ToFu today? I think someone screwed up there, he is a meat and Potatoe GUY!!

The weekend is filled with lots of visitors and visits with friends and family Jason and Colette want to thank everyone for stopping by,sending cards and gifts and commenting on the Blog, it is very much appreciated.

Jason had a good visit with Uncle Gary and Aunty Karen from Lethbridge on their way home from Vacation.

Keep that smile going Jigger it is great to see.

Keep on Holding The Rope!

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18th 2011

OK!! Got in big trouble with Colette because I put a picture of her on the BLOG! I thought she looked great? And from the comments so did everyone else. She will get over it?

Howie and Dave got to have a good visit this morning, brought Jigger a sausage and Egger very excited!
Jason and Colette are getting a tour of the Glenrose later today! Things are getting closer!

Jigger working had at Physio! Guess who took this picture??? :)

OK- Sorry for the confusion with some of the Content on the BLOG.

HOP- Stands for "House Of Pain" and it  is a work out cross fit class that Jason is part of.

HOLD THE ROPE- It is something Kensey's ringette team Believes in VERY much- Go STING!

Please read Below.....

"Hold the Rope" by Yvette Gironard, Head Softball Coach at University of Southwest Louisiana

Every year a college team wins the NCAA title.  Every year an ASA team wins Nationals.  Every year the best high school team in each Division wins the state crown.  All of these team have one thing in common, and contrary to popular belief, gifted, talented, athletes is not the answer.  No matter how tough it became through their season, they did one thing ... they held the rope.
What is holding the rope?  Imagine you are hanging off the side of a cliff with a drop of 20,000 feet.  The only thing between you and a fall to death is a rope, with the person of your choice at the other end.  Who do you know that has the guts to pull you to safety?  Who will hold the rope?
If you can name two people that's not good enough because those two people might not be around.  The next time your team is together, look around and ask yourself, who could I trust to hold the rope?  The look at yourself and ask the same question - who would I hold the rope for?  When you can look at every member on your team and say to yourself that they all would hold the rope, including yourself, you are destined to win a lot of ball games.
You don't have to be the best team on the field to win the game.  I know, I have had two teams that were not the most talented but believed in the rope.  Those were two Women's College World Series teams.
No matter what sport you play, in order to win, you have a commitment to your team.  If you are supposed to run sprints at the end of practice, do it well.  If you have to practice, do it, don't just go through the motions because you are then wasting everyone's time.  Once you start letting up at practice or start missing your workouts, you've killed the team because you didn't hold the rope.  When you need to take your own time to eat right, sleep well and/or rehab, do it so you can hold the rope when your team needs you.  Remember this is a team sport, everyone must be hold the fibers.

I think Jigger has a lot of people HOLDING THE ROPE.... You?

February 17th 2011

Had a great day today Grandma Dea, Jackie and I had lunch with Jason and Colette on the 2nd floor Atrium!

Looks like Jason has his appetite back! Food taste's good again, Itailian wedding soup, Fruit and Chocolate cake!

Little Bro time ! Grandma Dea figured we should have a picture!

After a physio workout it was Supper time and nothing but smiles!

 Hoping to get the tour of the Glenrose tomorrow! Good luck Jigger Keep on Holding the ROPE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16th 2011

Busy day up at the Alex today! Jigger got busted by  OT this morning at breakfast, he is supposed to be feeding himself but Jigger had one of those NICE nurses feeding him! Lots of friends for visits and everyone got to spend time with Jason and Colette in the Atrium for lunch.

Jigger had a bit of a spa day today to get rid of his stinky hands and splints! Apparently they are smelling like his hockey gloves! Looks like he is enjoying the Spa?

See you tomorrow Buddy! Keep on Holding the ROPE!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th 2011

Another great day! Got to spend time with Jason and Colette today in the Atrium and have lunch and laughs. Chicken Noodle soup is the key, not a lot of chewing to be done! Fruit is another winner!


A Doctor from the Glenrose came by today and we have a confirmed GREEN LIGHT to go there! Now we still need to have a bed open up but there has been a lot of movement over there so he thinks with in the WEEK!Or two at the most Jigger will be there! So Awesome.. Must be a GREEN BAY fan eh Jigger?

A very NICE student nurse will take Jason and Colett over to tour the Glenrose this week.She told Colette it feels like home over there and way more Cheerful.


Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th 2011

Looks like we have a positive start to the week, got a green light from the Glenrose. First a Doctor has to come do and assement on Jigger then depending on available beds, he is in!
Jigger got all cleaned up and put on his Red Valentines shirt for a lunch date with Colette in the atrium today. New roomate seams GOOOD? It was storey time most of the day today,his sister in law was reading aloud to him? Must have been a teacher!

Cross your fingers Jigger gets a call up from the glenrose soon! Keep holding the ROPE Jigger!

See you tomorrow buddy.

February 13th 2011

Weekend is over and Jason and Colette had a great time with the kids and Both Grandma and Grandpa's. New room mate today? David got punted to a room with 4 beds,We wish him all the best! Cant wait to meet the new guy?

Hoping for an exciting week of progress Jigger! Hold The Rope Buddy!

Jigger with Clothes! Sorry Charlotte Green bay Rules!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12th 2011

Jigger got to spend the day with Mom and Dad on their Anniversary Today.

Happy 45 th Anniversary Don and Deanna! Congratulations.

Looks like Griffin was sharing some fruit with Dad today! So good to see Jigger.

Cadence giving dad some of that Water he loves so much!

Ryker And Dad Having lunch!

The Kids got to take Dad out to the Atrium today and enjoy the sunshine while they had lunch together. Looks like Ryker is ready for Valentines day...Look out Girls!

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11 2011

Last night was the first night Jigger has been able to sleep through the entire night! So awesome for him to finally have all the tubes out and feeling a little back to normal! Jigger just inhaled supper tonight but had to fight the kids off so it must have been some good stuff tonight.

Some of the Mixer Boys were up tonight and had a good visit but they were distracted with the Help?? They will be back for sure now.

 Jigger had his old buddy from ICU back to do his physio today really likes him! He even had time for a big Nap this afternoon to rest up after his workout!

Uncle Cam made it out from the Coast tonight so everyone was flying high. Cam is a card as you can see from the picture!

Have a great weekend Jigger! All the best Enjoy your the family.


Another nude pic!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10th 2011


All I can say is Wow! Had a great visit with Jigger this morning and we got to take him out to the atrium for lunch while he was sitting up in his chair. We had some laughs and some guy time with him before the Kids got there. He is eating and drinking water with no troble at all.
After we left Cadence texted me that they had removed the TRACH...... Yes it is out! They are Very happy up in Edmonton right now about that.
Keep the good news coming Cadence! And the great friends coming to visit! THANKS

GO JIGGER! We will Keep Holding the rope!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th 2011

Another eventful day in Jigger's world! They were happy with how his first meal went last night so they pulled the feeding tube out so he is on solid food for sure now. The removal of the trake is not to far behind once they are happy that he can clear his lunges on his own.

He got to enjoy another hospital meal tonight with the Kids, they are up for the extended weekend to visit Dad! As you can see from the smiles he is making huge progress! That is not his first glass of WATER either!

Go Jigger!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th 2011

Ok HUGE day today. When we were there Jigger went down for the swallowing test to get a read on where he is. When he came back he mentioned he liked the taste of BARIUM! OK he needs to get something to drink or eat! They were waiting for the doctor to sign off so Jason could have a real meal?

Colette just texted me that he had CHICKEN-BROCCOLI-POTATOES!! And a sip of water that he was dreaming about!! WOW this is real close to getting the trake out.

NEW rules! Or I forgot to read the sign! QUIET time is between 2-4pm everyday!
Room mate ( DAVID) has a call button and is a rule stickler !! Just so you Know! $#$^%$


Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7th 2011

Private room is not looking good as of yet? Top of the list they say? May have to ask to see the list! Jigger did get a new GEL pillow today which he thinks if fricking awesome! :) May be he can give the old one to his roommate?
Doc thinks they know how to treat this fever that keeps coming back and that should speed up getting the trake out. He is very confident Jason will have no problems with out it but just want to be 100% ! Physio have taken a long weekend? Mondays tend to start out very slow! Hoping to see them later today yet, they have been doing some stuff with his chest this afternoon,at least it is something! Hurry up and WAIT!

The Kids are having a sleep over at the cousins tonight,Griffy started his day at noon with Aunty Jackie.Cadence and Ryker are coming out after school to hang out! They need to get some skates sharpened and play with Fletcher and Addy! Looking forward to tonight!

See you tomorrow Jigger

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th 2011

Almost had a wreck today! TV was not working on Superbowl Sunday! Got it flanged up and running in time for the game! GO Packers!Jigger got to watch the game sitting up in his chair only thing missing was an ice cold beer! Jason had lots of visits today and even one from old Bobby Sick!
Hoping to get back to a private room tomorrow? Room mate is a little different. RT is looking at removing his trake so let's hope for some action on that tomorrow! Made some money for ya on Green Bay for you Buddy!

See you soon. GL

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 5th 2011

Jigger and Colette had lots of visitors today and with it being the weekend it is great to have time to sit and visit.Jason had time to put on his head phones and rock out with a little ACDC today too. Still hoping to get back in the single room by Monday or Tuesday but he is happy where he got transferred to for now.
All in all a good day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th 2011

Big day today for Jigger lots of visitors up to see him!He got bumped to a double room but made some deals to get back to the single room soon. Got a bit of a fever again so had a few tests done to get to the bottom of the problem? Had a new chair again today that let him sit up better and was way more comfortable too! They were going to plug the trake today to see how he makes out breathing through his mouth? All the signs look like he should be able to handle it with no problems. Go Jigger!!!

Colette got a chance to get some fresh air and go out for lunch with Tracy today while Jigger had some guy time with good friends.Grandma Dea is heading up tomorrow to spend some time with Jigger and give him a foot massage. Hope the weekend staff won't take too much training again? Keep pushing on Jason and Colette be strong!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 3rd 2011

Well the day started out a little rough today! The nurse had a bit of a chip on her shoulder but with in the hour Colette had it all straightened out! Jigger got cleaned up, physio worked him over and he was up in his chair relaxing. Wow got to love the New Colette!! Mom and Dad were up today and got to spend some time with Jason while he was sitting up in his chair.

Looks like next week before the trake will come out but as long as it is a safety concern jason is ok with leaving it in for now. Keep up the fight Jigger and don't take any attitude from those cranky nurses!

Thank you again to everyone for the awesome cards, gifts and personal visits! It is very much appreciated.

The Lunns

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2nd 2011

Jason and Colette had lots of activity today. Visits from friends and Family most of the day. Jason got a couple tests done with his trake in? Some kind of Almond Milk stuff? He said it tasted like CRAP? They will do additional tests in the next few days to gauge his ability to swallow with out difficulty. Then if all goes well out comes that aweful trake tube then water will be the first thing on Jiggers agenda!

Physio is happy with his progress so far and Jigger keeps pushing on with more reps each day. Colette has the nurse's under control now and has a few hand picked that Jason really likes? The ones that dont take too many Breaks!!

Wishing you another great day tomorrow Jigger! Keep the push on!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st 2011

Had to post Jigger with a smile again! Still in his private room with air bed and gel pillow, I dare them to try to take them away. Had a good workout with physio this morning and was ready for a nap when we left this afternoon. Still working hard and cant wait to get that Damm trake out so he can have the Big drink of WATER! Just waiting on the green light to get that sucker out which should be in the next couple of days?
Keep on fighting buddy!