Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th 2011

JGGER had a Day pass today!! Colette and Jason came home for the day and spent the afternoon at the HOUSE with the Kids! Supper with the whole family and the kids picked their favorite meal! Griffin has the Nickelback sign going!!

Play time !!

Giffin showing Dad his hard work At Kindergarden!

Jigger Chillin at HOME!!

Stopped by to see FLETCHER on their way back to Edmonton.

Fletcher and Jigger had a little chat! Jason cant believe how BIG he has grown!

The Freedom Van has turned out to be a great weekend get away Vehicle!!

Good luck this week Jigger.....Work Hard!!



  1. So glad you are getting to spend some time at home! Think of you guys often. Very proud of your strength and endurance. :)
    Annette and Paighton

  2. Jason, Colette,Cadence, Ryker & Griffin:
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks for the wonder pics that tell the story. Looks like the "Freedom Wagon" is giving you some quality time in the home setting. Even Fletcher's got a smile on his face - happy to see his Dad. Have another good week Jason- we know how hard you're working. Still holding the rope.
    Lorne & Vicky B.

  3. Iam so glad you spent some time at home with the kids. I know they would be thrilled to have Mom and Dad around. Have a good week!
    Sharon A

  4. You guys are amazing:) have a great week!!!

    The Wilsons!!

  5. What wonderful pictures of all of you together. So happy you had a great weekend. Have a marvelous week!!
    The Madoche family

  6. That is such great news! Glad you all had an awesome day! Jigger, we are so amazed at your progress, hard work and determination! Have a great week!
    the Sturgeons

  7. hi jigger,,,,iam so happy when i see your smilling picture....keep up good work jigger.. ronnie poyos...