Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday April 16, 2011

The race is on:

Ringette windup - One Tooth stopped by for Pizza
 Cadence & Victoria won the amazing race at West Ed. 
Thank you to Andrea for all the organizing of todays events.

One Tooth gave Jigger a homemade quilt, Thanks to Grandma Dea!

Thanks to Everyone for a great season & all the support!!

Very long list of people Holding the Rope!


  1. Hello Jason and Colette and family,

    It looks like you had a good weekend. How fun to have the Ringette team there for their party. Good luck this week with physio. You are doing great!
    Keep on Keeping on!
    In our thoughts and prayers, Love Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  2. It was so nice to be able to spend time with you all!! What an amazing family you are! Thinking of you all the time, Jigger! Keep up the great work.

    Chad, Andrea, Paige & Brooke

  3. Looks like you guys & the One Tooth gang had a good visit. Keep working hard - we check this site every day! Traci said Cadence was given 'er out on the ice tonight. Have a great week - both of you guys.


  4. It is a daily thing for us to check this site. It's always so neat to see the progress!! Good job! We had Cadence today after school, and the girls had a blast doing the slider board, some shooting, skipping, etc. And then they got on some rubber boots and caught some disgusting things in the swamp! Oh to be a kid again! Have a good rest of the week you two~

    Chad, Andrea, Paige and Brooke