Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th 2011


Working hard on the last day of the week! Long weekend is here and coming home is getting closer.

Jim is having a NAP?

Now Jim is Texting?? Come on Man

Allison is making Jason work hard on the mats!!

The pipes are coming back with this rig!! Good job Jigger........

Enjoying the Sun outside!

Colette and the kids will be up tomorrow to enjoy the long weekend with DAD!



  1. Looking good Jason. Hope you have a great weekend with the family :)

  2. Hope you all have a great long weekend. Hopefully the rain will wait until Tuesday !

    Can't believe the gains that you are making daily Jason.

    Love to you all

    Charlotte and Gordon

  3. You are definitely giving your "all" to building your strength so you will be ready to come home Jason. So proud that you are able to work through the most difficult therapy and able to cope every day with important things both big and small. The inspiration and hope you bring not only for yourself but all those who know you is so amazing.
    There is so much positive spinal cord research being done and someone like you Jason, that never gives up would be a perfect candidate.We look forward to seeing you, Colette and the kids home to stay.Hope you had a great long weekend! P.S. your mom was absolutely overwhelmed and impressed with your determination when she was able to go through your workout with you!!!

    Hugs to you all, Lynn and Dave