Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday May 3, 2011

Jigger & Colette had date night, went out for dinner with the freedom wagon!

Getting stronger!

Building those pipes.

Jigger had tummy time on the mat today in physio.

Had a great visit with Jim & Jan on Monday evening.
Thanks to everyone for all the visits and trips to Edmonton. The support is very appreciated!



  1. It's great to see you looking so great, laddie, and your mom looks great in the picture, your dad, well what can I say, I was always much better looking you know! If by chance you thought that I wasn't thinking of you every single day you would be very wrong. I am so proud of your guts that I could burst! You give that beautiful bride of yours a huge hug for me and take care of yourself! Don

  2. Great to hear that you got to go out for dinner!! Nice change from the HOP and the daily routine!!

    Thinking about you daily.

    Charlotte & Gordon

  3. So happy you and Colette were able to go out and do something fun for the two of you. Your hard work is paying off and we can only imagine how you look forward to going home to stay. We are so in awe of your pure determination and attitude Jason !!!Thinking of you,Love, Dave and Lynn