Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

Huge Day today! Jigger got a new bed so he is much more comfortable. Cadence says "Jigger is doing awesome and is still DAD! Greg spent the last hour with him and he needed a work update. Still the organizer! He is very happy along with Greg that we have such AWESOME staff that have really stepped up to help us out! Every hour we see more improvements! Keep doing what you are doing! It is working.


  1. Great news. We are all cheering you on Jigger.

  2. Attaboy, Jigger!
    We'll be back at Ugly's having a beer in no time! Stay strong, Jiggy - I'll need you to pick up the tab!

    - Darcy

  3. Wonderful update! Amazing what the power of love can do..... Carol Madoche

  4. Jigger and Family
    Just wanted to let you know all your Kinsmen buddies are thinking of you. We all keep wondering how you are doing and it is a great idea that this was set up. Our support is behind you and take care man.
    Shawn Morton and fellow Kin

  5. Keep it going Jigger. All the best!!!!!!
    Brett and Megan Miller

  6. Awesome to hear of the progress. I know from personal experience over the past few months that it can feel like a long road but take joy in all the "small" feats! If you guys need anything just let me know as I can zip into the city to you. Sending my love to all of you!
    Suzy Potts

  7. At A Boy Jiggy Man!! Way to go keep the positive attitude! Saw your mom at lunch time got a quick hug so all is good, no great! Remember if you need anything just please ask.
    The Williams'

  8. Great to hear the about the progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
    The Caine Family

  9. Great to hear about your progress Jason! Stay strong & positive for a speedy recovery. We are thinking about you everyday! Love Bill & Jill