Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 29th 2011

Sorry about the late update! Jigger got his wish today and is in a private room with an air bed! Rules are still in effect but in true Lunn fashion we are stretching them to the MAX! Colette did not get kicked out until she was ready to leave! Atta Girl!! Jigger was happy to see the sun shining today and just have a relaxing Saturday with Colette and Jenny.

Ok Jigger i have been plowing snow since I got home! And I keep chasing those so called ridges and I give up! Not sure what you get out of it but Hurry up and get back here! GL


  1. Hey guys, thanks for the updates. It's great to know J is in his own room at last. We've been following his progress daily. I realize that some of my comments have not been posted becuase I forgot to scroll down and type in the security letters -- oops! We especially liked the photos of J happy and smiling -- so heartening! And to think of him rocking out to AC/DC, well, that's pretty damn cool!!

  2. Hey Jason glad to see you're out of ICU and into your own room, I knew you would be out of their fast as your progressing great everyday keep up the great work and hopefully see you and Collete's smiling faces real soon. We're thinking of you all everyday.

    Love Colin & Tammy

  3. Must be great to get out of ICU! Thinking of you guys! Glad to see you working so hard and keeping such an amazing positive attitude Jason!!
    Laurie and Darren Wilson

  4. Hey Jason and Colette and Family...

    It is so good to hear that Jason is doing better and recovering...I have wanted to tell you that our thoughts and prayer have been with you since the day that we heard about your accident..Very happy that all is going well and hope to see you back home soon...

    Our thoughts are with you and all your family...

    Love: Karen and Camille Waldo..Kevin and Lee Waldo

  5. I am glad to see Jigger recovering so fast!Maybe he will be able to help coach at the end of the year the way he is rocking!
    mckenna (one tooth team)

  6. Atta Boy Jason, great that you have your own room which I'm sure you won't need for very long the way you are going! Don't worry about Greg having to do a "little" snow work, I'm sure he can use the exercise!! lol! Keep up the great spirit!! Don

  7. Hey Jigger,
    Feel better soon and I hope you are out of the hospital really soon! Love Carson T.
    I can't wait to come up and see you. Love Connor T.
    I heard that you are working hard and taking names.Good job! Love Emma T.

  8. Well Jigger, I thought you should know you now have a team of your own. I decided that since you are working so hard everyday, that in some small way we should too. Joni, Barbie, Mareena, Andrea and myself (Moms from the "One Tooth" ringette team), joined the Lacombe WinterActive Challenge under the name of "Team Jigger". Everyday for 3 weeks we have to workout for at least 30 min. a day and compete with other teams in Lacombe. We will be thinking of you during our workouts and you will be our inspiration!!! GO TEAM JIGGER!!!! Rhonda Trider