Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26th 2011

This morning Colette let me know Jigger had a huge night! He had his speaking valve on the entire night with no problems and slept very comfortable!Had a great session with physio, got a new bed again and sat up in the Royal Alex Lazy Boy!

Then Jigger went into overdrive!He talked them into putting him in a wheelchair to get a tour of the Hospital and even got a look outside at the last few rays of sunshine today. Grandma Dea was there too and said it was awesome and you could not wipe the smile of Jiggers face!

If he keeps this pace up ICU will be in the dust in no time! Great job Jigger I will be heading up in the morning to see for myself. Yes I will bring you a D&M hat up!


  1. Marvin Shirley HoneckerJanuary 26, 2011 at 10:39 PM

    We are so excited!!!! Keep up the awesome work Jason!! You are amazing!!
    Marvin & Shirley Honecker

  2. Good work man!!!!!
    Keep it up.
    We're all behind you !!!
    Love Todd,Sandra,Syd

  3. That is awesome news!! Keep up the good work Jason.
    Karen, Bruce, Jessica, Kodi & Zach Knight

  4. That is fantastic! Keep up the great work! You are amazing...
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  5. Great News! Keep it up Jason!!! Truly amazing!!!!!
    The Caine Family

  6. That is great to hear!!
    I love hearing the progress you are making!
    Keep it up!!
    Sending strong positive thoughts your way!!

    Ken, Brenda, Jordan, Shelby and Sydney

  7. Ya...Jigger!

    Keep up the great work.. how wonderful that you got to get up and out of your room!

    We know that you will keep surprising them!
    The Radu's

  8. Way to go Jason! Great to hear the good news!
    Jeff H

  9. Hi Jason, I've sent an email to Greg and a couple of blogs to you but as you know, I'm such a computer whiz that I have no idea if you got them. Great to hear you are doing so well, and as I said in the previous messages, I have no doubt that you will do very well because as we both know, old football players are a lot tougher than old hockey players!! Thinking of you and Colette every day! Give em Hell and take care! Don

  10. So awesome to hear of your amazing progress Jigger!!!!!!!!! Thinking of your family each and everyday, we are very much here if and when you need anything!

    Shackleton Family

  11. Hi Jason so glad to hear you got to in a wheelchair for a spin.It was great to see you the other day keep up the great work and we'll see you soon when your out of ICU which will be in a few days I'm sure the rate your going.

    All the best Colin & Tammy

  12. Sounds like you are making fantastic progress Jason! Won't be long before you are home again. Keep up the positive attitude and great work

    Charlotte and Gordon

  13. Dear Jason and Colette

    Just wanted ro say hi and tell you we think of you every day. Glad to hear that you are
    making such great progress Jason. Hugs to both of you. Love Lee and Terry

  14. If it were anyone but you, Jiggy, I'd be surprised. I pretty much expect you to keep kickin' ass and takin' names! Your progress is nothing short of astounding, and you have a legion of friends, family and community members behind you 100% of the way! Keep doing what you're doing pal - sounds like it's working!

    Cheers! - Darcy