Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21st 2011

Jigger had a great day today. Grandma Dea got to spend a couple hours alone with him today and Colette and the kids got to talk with him with the speaking valve in for 2 1/2 hours. Great job Jigger!
He also got to sit up in the Royal Alex version of a LAZY BOY! A stretcher chair nothing but smiles!
Kens and Bryn got to see Jason again after a few days and cant belive how good he looks and what he is able to do? He wanted to have a dance and he was making the whole bed rock as he was shaking his arms!

Jasons progress is very dependant on the rest he gets everyday right now. He cant wait to see everyone and hopefully in the next few weeks he can have more visitors come see him. Keep the comments coming Colette is reading each last one!

Thank you all



  1. Jigger we have no doubt that all of us will be sitting on the beach watching you trying to tame flash this summer. You always make us laugh!! We love you ... Marty, Tracy, Jayce and Lulu

  2. So glad to hear the good news. We are thinking of you and hoping for continued good news. Our thoughts are with Jason and the entire family.
    Janet, Darren, Keltie and Mattie Dewald

  3. Can't wait for our dance uncle! =]

    love kensey <3

  4. Hi Colette and Jason. We have been thinking about you and your family every day. Jason we're hoping that you continue to regain your strenth so that you can head back home to where you belong. Sounds like you are! It's amazing how a body can heal, and we will all witness this in your day to day successes. Our positive thoughts are with you.
    Brian, Marilyn, Derek & Owen

  5. Great job Jason!! Bill and I are thinking about you and your whole family everyday, and we hope to see all you real soon. Keep up the good work!! Love Bill & Jill

  6. Jason,
    I've been thinking about you a lot, at work and at play. When I'm feeling tired or I want give up on something you seem to pop into my head and I feel inspired to work harder. I know you're in Misty's thoughts too.
    We both love you very much, keep up the great work!

    Cam and Misty

  7. What an exciting day you all had! You are such a fighter, Jigger! Keep up the great work. You are constantly in our prayers!

    p.s. Brooke says the dressing room isn't as cheery without Cadence! We can't wait to have you all back!

    Chad, Andrea, Paige & Brooke

  8. Whoa! Just got caught up. Glad you're still here to fight back Jigger! Keep it up!
    Bob & Kathy Doornenbal
    Peterborough, ON

  9. Way to go Jigger!

    Keep up the great work, we know your great attitude will really help in the healing!

    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers
    The Radu's

  10. What a wonderful update! Colette we miss your smiling face and the kids at school but I know your smile is hard at work helping Jason! You're fighting spirit is an inspiration Jason!

    The Madoche family

  11. Jason, Colette & families

    Keep up the great progress! Our prayers and God's blessings are with you.

    Norm & Jean Kanngiesser

  12. HELLO Lunns,

    It's Judy and Mandy here and were thinking of you all everyday. Glad to hear the progress is so positive. What a bunch of up lifting people, it's so nice to hear.

    Miss you

    the Willis's

  13. Hey there Lunn Family!

    Love the blog - a great way to keep informed without feeling like I'm being super nosey! :)

    Glad to hear Jigger is doing well after surgery and fighting hard to recover. I have some great jokes stored up for ya, Jigg, but I can't share them on this blog for reasons you'll understand when you hear them...

    If you ever questioned your status as a Lacombe Legend - look no further than these responses buddy! I can't turn a corner in this town without somebody wanting a full update! (once again, thank god for this blog...)

    You, Colette and the kids have such a tremendous support base here in town, from your business, school, hockey, football, Kinsmen and family - the list goes on and on.

    We're all rootin' for you Jigger!
    - Darcy

  14. Jigger you're an inspiration to everyone. You are a true fighter. We think about you and your whole family everyday, several, several times a day. Keep it up, we know you'll be the best you can be!!
    Steve, Penny, Brett & Brooklyn

  15. So happy to see such a great update.Thinking about you all a million times a day. Especially in the classroom Colette. Just not the same without you and Griffin there.Keep up the great fight.Hugs to everyone.
    Carrie, Thom, Keegan, Lucy & Charlie

  16. Way to go Jason....your making a come back like the boys did last year in Wetaskiwin to win the
    A final!!!! We think of you, Colette and the kids everyday!!!
    Keep fighting!!!

    The Battrums

  17. Jigger and family,
    Great to hear you doing so well Jigger. Get plenty of rest and keep up the good work. Thinking of you guys. See you soon.
    The Bessette's

  18. Jigger and Collette,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up the great fight.

    Brad, Cheryl and the girls

  19. Way to go Jason. Erin and I are thinking and praying for you and your family everyday. Keep up the good work and positive attitude like you always have.

  20. Jason, Colette and family,

    We are so happy to hear of the progress you have made so far Jason! Our thoughts and prayers are with you ALL every day. We look forward to hearing more great news in the days to come.

    Michelle, Rob, Paige & Drayden

  21. Hi Jason and Colette,
    We are so pleased to hear of the great progress that you have made so far and know that there is much more to come. Our positive thoughts and prayers are with you. We really appreciate the blog site so we can keep up with your progress as we are thinking of you lots and lots!
    Take care, work hard, be strong, stay positive.
    Dale and Colleen Freitag

  22. Hello Jason, Colette, and Lunn Family,
    Its awesome to hear you are progressing well and we are following your improvements. You know I can't wait to catch a beer during our next chat at Ugly's!
    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Rob (Binder), Sonia, & Aliysha Lali