Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st 2011

Weekend is over and it is back to a more regular schedule at the Royal Alex. Jigger got a great session with his physio today, great to be back at his HOP workout. The kids spent most of the day at the hospital and got to spend some quality time with Mom and Dad.

Jason is still in a private room and Colette and Jason are enjoying that much more. Jigger is hoping to have the trake out soon and enjoy a HUGE glass of water! Visiting hours are from 11 to 8!! but Colette has been working the nurses to come in early and stay late! Good job Colette!

Will be up tomorrow to see Jigger and Colette! Keep up the hard work.


  1. Jig
    The Kinsmen boys represent well over the weekend in Spruce Grove with the running comment "Jigger would be proud." Actually not to sure if you would have been. See you soon chief.
    Lacombe Kin

  2. Hi Lunn family just wanted to let your know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and am so happy to hear that Jason is doing so well!!! Would have posted something alot sooner but we just got home.
    From janice tim ridge alease and mekhi townend

  3. Oh my Gosh Jigger I am so proud of you:) and your whole family.......Keep up the awesome work, Reid and I cant wait to rock out to some AC DC with you soon. You guys are in my thoughts every day keep on trucking!!!! We are all in your corner

    Keily Wilson
    oh the rest of my family too:)