Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 30th 2011

Jigger had a very relaxing day! Streeter got to visit with him and catch him up on work and the Hawtins stopped by to see what was happening!The kids have a PD day tomorrow so they are up tonight to spend some time with Dad.Still have the private room and it is looking good to stay where they are at for a while?
Now that the weekend is over Jigger is hoping to get back to the Work out he has been doing with Physio!

Just want to take a minute to thank Lacombe Ringette association and Lacombe Minor Hockey and Central Alberta AA ringette for all the wonderful baskets, cards and thoughts that have been sent our way in the past few weeks they are so much appreciated more than you know. And thank you to everyone for their support through this hard work!


  1. Hello Lunn Family,
    Nice to see you all together, great picture! Glad to hear Jason that you have a private room now. We hope you have a great work out with physio today. Your hard work continues to inspire us! Enjoy your day with Colette and the kids as well. Thinking of you all, all the time.
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  2. Looking good Lunns! So nice to see you all together and smiling! Keep up the good work Jason!

    Laurie, Cody and Molly McIntosh

  3. All of your family is in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Stay strong. You are an inspiration to us all!

    Jenna & Brian Klippert

  4. Lunn Family,

    Jason your smile is such an ispiration, it always has been, I love the picture you guys! I sure would love to see you, Collette and the kids soon, and introduce you to Miss Peyton. Its been too long! Hope you have a great monday with those beautiful kids of yours! My Cadence girl has grown so big!! Good luck in physio this week Jigger.
    Love you guys!
    Lyndsay Henderson.

  5. Great to see the pic of you and your family keep up your positive spirit Jigger, our thoughts are with You & Collette and your family.. keep strong.

    Calvin & Arena and Pool staff

  6. Jigger and family,
    Good to see the whole family again. Jigger, keep up the great work effort. Both you and I know that with hard work, the benefits will pay off! Keep on keeping on. Hope to see you guys this weekend. All the best
    The Bessette family

  7. We may not be writing, but we are thinking of you all daily, wishing you strength and strong will, and admiring your determination and attitude! Keep it up!

  8. Hey Jason nice of picture of the whole family hope you had a great visit with them all. Wishing you the best in physio this week keep up the great work we're rooting for you Jason. When Colin has a break from work you bet we'll be right there to visit you.

    Love always Colin & Tammy

  9. Lunn Family,
    This blog is such a wonderful idea of sharing this journey and just another example of your generous spirits. Here's to speedy healing!
    Joyce and Byron Grabo

  10. Jig, Colette, Cadience, Ryker and G Everyday we are reminded why we love you guys so much. Love the picture, but Ryk, I am not telling Jayce about the fancy new punk hat, as he would definitely want one too. You are all in our minds everyday - keep up the fight Lunns... Love the Hawtins