Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27th 2011

Two pictures approved by Jigger!
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Jigger has had two incredible days! But with all the exciting new advances he is tired this afternoon. Jason got to sit in his chair again today but no tour of the hallways, not enough staff on today I guess? They have given him the green light as soon as a bed opens up in Recovery he is out of ICU!! Could be up to 2 or 3 days depending on availability? But he is excited to have a window so he is good with that!

I told him about Keily Wilson reading the blog about Coach Jigger every moring before she goes to school. Then I told him about all the people reading this blog and posting comments and he wanted to thank everyone so very much it is helping him more than you will ever know!

Lets hope tomorrow he can move down the Hall to Recovery and go on tour in his chair again!


  1. It's so great to see your smile, Jigger! We think about you and the rest of the Lunns all the time, and you inspire us every day with your hard work and determination!

    --Kathy, Greg and Myles Pallister

  2. Jason and Collette, We finally figured out how to get to this site and it is so nice to be able to hear of your recovery, prayers go with you, blessings and love from uncle Jack and Aunt Ruth

  3. oh my Jason! it is so good to see a picture of you. You are looking great. The hat is a nice touch. We hope that you get that window view soon. Keep up the great work.... you are amazing us all!
    luve: jim, jan, jake and emma-joy

  4. Jason, I guess I forgot to mention that old football players are better looking than old hockey players, as well as being tougher!! lol You are looking great, keep giving it hell, I'm proud as punch of you! Don

  5. Great news about the move from ICU soon. Thanks so much to everyone for the recovery updates. Great to see your smile. Keep up the good work Jason. PS: nice hat!

  6. Marvin & Shirley HoneckerJanuary 27, 2011 at 10:04 PM

    Jason--you look awesome for all you have been through. You have an infectious smile--keep it on that cute face. Glad you will be out of ICU soon. Like the hat--good touch. Keep up the good work.
    Marvin & Shirley

  7. Looking great Jason! I am glad you are doing so well and have such a huge smile to share with everyone. Keep pushing forward!
    Susan McElroy

  8. You're looking good the smile!!!! Keep pushing prayers that you get your new room out ICU real soon. Cheers Tina Miskey

  9. You look fantastic Jason. Sounds like it has been a great week. Keep it going! That same old smile and twinkle in the eye warms our hearts.

    Love Di, Jay, Connor and Jackson

  10. Awesome news Jigger....keep up the great work!

  11. Miranda KanngiesserJanuary 28, 2011 at 4:05 AM

    Thinking of you & all your families everyday. So awesome to hear the positive progress. Glad to see the spirits are high and I am sure your hard work is paying off. We miss seeing you guys at the rink, so we are sending you smiles and a big hug.
    Lots of Love
    Craig & Miranda Alyssa & Brett Kanngiesser

  12. Jigger you look amazing:) We are so proud of you and your whole family you keep it up hope that you have a awesome day today too, thinking of you all the time.

    Keily Wilson

  13. That is awesome Jason! We are so happy to hear about your progress. You look great - love to see that smile! So glad to hear that you will be moved from the ICU soon. Keep up the great work! We think of you all, everyday.
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  14. Nice work Jason! Just found your site and its great to see how you are progressing, keep up the good work!

    Craig and Mandy Guthrie

  15. Hi Lunns,
    Just wanted to let you know that you, along with the Wasdals and Schaabs, were in the prayers of the Kinsmen last night. I printed off the pictures and took them to the meeting and the boys were glad to see your smiles. Please me know if there is anything that the club can do for you and your family - we are on "high alert" and ready for whatever you might need.

    Keep on smiling buddy!

  16. Hey Jason, It is great to see your smiling face I no it is missed tons around lacombe,sounds like you are doing an amazing job on your recovery keep up the great work Jason. We are thinking of you and your family everyday.

    Howard and Betty from Yuma Arizona want to wish you a speedy recovery.

    Roy and Heather Burton.

    ps. The Bumper to Bumper crew are wishing you all the best.

  17. Jigger, it is really encouraging to read about your progress, hear about how hard you keep pushing each day, and especially to see your smile! Glad to hear you will be moving out of ICU soon. Just wanted to let you know that you and all of your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    David & Rhona Thacker family

  18. Great News. We are so happy to have your cute kids back at school- I missed their similing faces! Glad to hear you will be out of the ICU!
    Shaily Cargill
    PS Colette we still miss you!

  19. OH Sick..... Jigger..... Here it is 4 pm, Fri, Jan,the 28th, and just got word Jigger... In spite of the tragedy of all this, its encouraging to see you looking so good. Will be up to see you my friend and working buddy. Until then, my prayers are with you and the family.

  20. Jason....great to hear about your recovery, and it is so good to see the pics with your smiling face. Keep up the good work buddy....cuz good things happen to good people.
    Don & Charlotte MacLeod

  21. WOW Jigger! You are looking great and so awesome to hear of your progress again today and so happy to hear that you can move out of ICU soon, amazing news!


  22. Hi Jason
    Alan said it was so good to see you yesterday and he plans on making more trips up your thing he did mention is that you had some pretty hot nurses so the scenary was very good well he was visiting....keep up the great work Jigger and your positive attitude! Thinking of you all and love you lots

  23. What an amazing guy!!! Jay, you are truly awesome. We were wondering if you had a hat on. Must of been a little weird going that long without one:)

  24. Hi Jason, it is great to see your smile! Glad to hear you are making such incredible daily progress. We check your blog daily and get updates from your mom. Keep pushing forward.
    The McElroy Family

  25. Jigger you rock!!!!! It is great to see your smiling face. You really look wonderful:) Thinking of you and the family daily.

    Kathy & Bob Doo...