Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20th 2011

Jigger is working very hard which is making him very tired so he is sleeping good each night! Colette is very happy with the nurse's that are with Jason everyday they are AWESOME! Keep up the great work Jigger!

Colette,Cadence,Ryker and Griffin would like to thank everyone for adding there comments to this blog it is wonderful for them to have all the community support behind them.


  1. Hi Jason, Colette, Cadence, Ryker and Griffin

    Jason, keep on fighitng- I know you are getting stronger every day!
    Colette, (kelsey had to show me what to do to comment on here) We miss you lots, but you are exactly where you need to be. we pray for your family every day.
    Griffin-the igloo is almost finished-it looks really cool! We have 2 new girls in our class, Grace S. and Mackenzie. We will see you soon. Give Dad a big hug and a kiss from Kindergarten!
    Cadence and Ryker-the whole school misses you! Give Dad a big hug from us all!

    Love Mrs. Adler

  2. Tanya, Brooke, & KyronJanuary 20, 2011 at 6:50 PM

    Jason, Colette, Cadence, Ryker, Griffin, and the entire Lunn family,

    So glad to hear of Jason's progress! You are all in our thoughts and we wish Jason a speedy recovery. Jason is so lucky to have such a wonderful family and great kids. I know you brighten his day!

    Tanya, Brooke, & Kyron McBurney

  3. Keep up the good recovery. Lots of love to you guys.
    Chad Young.

  4. Lunns,

    You know how much we adore your wonderful family. We are thinking of you, praying for you all and wishing all the best to each of you. Can't wait to see all of your smiling faces soon!

    Laurie, Cody and Molly McIntosh

  5. Jason, Colette, Cadence, Ryker and Griffin ...

    We believe in the strength of your family and we believe in you, Jason. Keep up your hard work and know that we are cheering you on (and checking on you) every day !!

    Kevin, Chris, Zach and Rylee Frank

  6. Jason, Colette, Cadence, Ryker & Griffin,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day!!
    Keep on fighting Jigger, you will continue to get stronger each day!
    The whole community is cheering for you!

    Darin, Rachelle, Jordan & Hanna Gill

  7. Lunn family,
    Thinking of you and praying for you all everyday.I agree with Sharon, Colette, we miss you and the kids but you are exactly where you should be. I look forward to seeing the kids when they return. Hope to hear about more and more progress made!
    Shaily Cargill

  8. Jason, Colette and families,
    Glad to hear about the positive updates and that everyday things are moving forward. Take it easy, let others take care of you and continue the fight!! With our prayers,
    Ken & Sally Weenink

  9. Jigger, Colette, Cadence, Ryker and little G
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you! You are an amazing family. Love hearing Jiggers progress. We are here for you anytime!
    Love from Ian, Jenn, Emma, Connor and Carson

  10. Hello neighbors,
    Jaygo told Greg how sad it was for me to look out every night and see how dark it was in that corner of my world. Greg went and lit the way for you Jigger! Thanks Greg! Things are waiting for you as they were.... I can get your electrical bill :-) Remember, your body is just a shell, holding the incredible person you are. I can see the world is awaiting you, like never before.

    Cadence, Ryker, and Griffin, Fletcher is doing great and has made a couple of friends in his journeys, Jack and Jillie! Colette and Jason, anything you need, we're here for you and your family always... Jigger, between you and me, I can't wait until you can plow again... cleaner lines than our skidsteer can do! ;-) Thanks for being the plow king!

    Thank you to the Lunn family for making this connection possible for Jason to see how much he makes a difference in this world, and it wants him back. ...and I'm not talking about the plowing...

    Our prayers and best wishes,
    Twila, Jason, Kahlie, and Ashlie

  11. Hey Jason, Colette, Cadence,Ryder and Griffin,

    Thinking and praying each day for you all. Keep working hard and getting stronger - we all know you will. Such an amazing community and support behind you...miss you.

    Lots of love
    Murray, Nadine, Andrew, Julia and Mia

    p.s. got a diet coke for you here Colette :)

  12. Dear Jason & Colette, Cadence, Ryker and Griffin.

    Thinking of you and your Families, stay strong and fight but don't forget to care for yourselves. We would like to offer our assistance for anything upcoming you need, don't hesitate, you have support, use it!
    It's our prayerful wish each day for your speedy recovery Jason.
    Much love, kisses and squishes,
    Angie & Jerry + Nash

  13. Hi Lunn family - glad to hear you are working hard Jason - your family is in our thoughts and prayers everyday - keep working hard
    Love - Laurie,Doug and Kyle Maas

  14. So happy to hear all the progress Jason is making! You are all in our thoughts every day. Ryker,we miss you at hockey and look forward to your return! All our best wishes to all of you.

    Connie, Dave, Derek and Megan

  15. So great to hear all the news. Everyone at the office is thinking of the whole family.


  16. This is great news, we are all here pulling for you guys, keep up the amazing work. Please dont think twice about asking us for anything,actually ask twice and three times anything you need!! We think about you daily:) take care, hugs from the WIlsons...oh could someone please give Gramma D a big hug from Keily she has been thinking about her fellow Elvis fan:)

  17. Great to hear on Jiggers progress. Thoughts and prayers are with you. As an Italian Football coach said " Sempre Guardare Avanti , Always Look Forward"
    Best Wishes
    Dan and Linda O'Farrell

  18. We are so thankful to hear that Jiggs is making the great progress that he is. Carter wanted to let coach know that he is behind him all the way and he knows that he's going to "get 'er dun". One day at a time - continued progress Jason - our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Tim RoAnna Marci & Carter McLenahan

  19. keep on getting better Jigger. Our thoughts are
    with you and all the Lunn family Great to be able to read this and follow your recovery
    Harvey David Kay and families

  20. Tamara Haskins (Bilyk)January 21, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    Jason and family - the Bilyk family is thinking of you during this difficult time - stay strong, think positive. We'll follow your recovery.

    Thinking of you in our prayers.
    Tamara (on behalf of the Bilyk's and Haskins families)

  21. Stacey (Rains) PermanaJanuary 21, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    Hey Jason, I just learned of your ordeal and I wanted to pass on my well wishes and support during this difficult time to you, Colette, and your family. Stay strong and keep moving forward towards a full recovery. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. When you see that "red helicopter" in the sky, you always pray that it's not for someone you know. But when and if it is, after the shock and tears, you know that they are getting the best care possible. Thank God for all those wonderful people taking care of you Jigger because you deserve the best. You are a great guy in every way,your positive and funny, generally an amazing role model for all of us. Jenae and the rest of Canence's ringette team love you, miss you and want you back soon, as do the rest of us!! So keep fighting, we are all cheering for you and you KNOW how loud I can cheer!!! Sending you and all your family our deepest, loudest prayers!!! Rhonda, Terry, Jesse and Jenae Trider

  23. Thinking of all you ..Jason you are such a wonderful role model to all of us, you have such a kind and caring way about you...we love you for make the world a better place each and every day. Colette we have been thinking of you so much..we love you so here is a big hug for all of you.
    Each and every day Lunn family you are in our heart and in our prayers
    The Hendersons

  24. Glad to hear the recovery is going well so far. Keep it up Jigger, we're thinking of you and your family here in Calgary.

    Keep the news coming!