Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday January 17, 2011

9:30 pm - Jigger had a big day today. Progressing very positive. He got to see Cadence, Ryker, and Griffin today, that alone gave him a big lift. Day by day he will continue to amaze us all.


  1. our thoughts and prayers are with you, Rice-Gish Family. Hundreds of us out here wishing you well and ready to help just at the asking.

  2. As well as the Wilsons just let us know if there is anything we can do:) We think about you and your family everyday...Keep on amazing everyone Jigger.

    Rob, Sarah, Keily and Reid Wilson

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lunn Family....Damien wants Coach Jigger to get strong and healthy soon! All the best for a safe and speedy recovery.
    Andy, Rose, Damien, Michael and Julian Crouse

  4. You are the talk of the town. Obviously, your health and recovery is so important to everyone who knows you and your family. Greg, Kathy, and Myles Pallister wish you well.

  5. We are thinking of the whole family at this difficult time. Lots of love and prayers coming your way. Keep up the great work Jigger!
    Greg and Lindsay Gordon
    Al and Judy Gordon
    Bill and Carol Cornwell

  6. Just wanted to let you guys know we are thinking of you all. Anything you need, please do not hesitate to call. Take care.

    Patty, Chris, Carter & Gracie

  7. Thinking about you all at this difficult time!Keep making progress! Take Care!!!

    The Rost Family &
    Leanne Wyatt