Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 22nd 2011

Jigger has his days filled with physio and movment from his bed to his chair.He is also keeping the speaking valve in longer everytime he gets a chance to use it. His spirits are good and he has been joking with his nurses. He is in a double room now so it is very tight quarters, but it is one step closer to leaving ICU!

We brought the kids back home today and they will be staying with John and Sharon so the can get back in their school routine this week.Jigger was happy that they could get back to Lacombe and he can work hard on his recovery.


  1. Awesome news, Jigger!
    Keep up the good work!

    Thinking of you lots - mostly about how you still haven't gotten me one of those D&M Girly calendars yet... Although I suppose I could cut you SOME slack, just this once. :)

    Cheering you on from Lacombe!
    - Darcy

  2. Just wanted to let you know that there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about all of you. The world will seem right again when I see Jason in the hockey arena cheering his kids on with his blackberry in hand. If anyone has the determination to make a full recovery it's Jason. Take care.

  3. Oops forgot to put from the Pedersen family. Brad, Heather, Clay and Blair

  4. That's good to hear Jason! My family will always be thinking of you, and praying for a speedy recovery. Keep it up sir! Joanne and Gary wanted to pass along there thoughts and prayers!

  5. Hey Jason, as I read all of the updates it sounds like your recovery is going in the right direction. Keep up the hard work, stay positive! Our thoughts and prayers are for a speedy recovery.

    To the Lunn and Dilworth families, my family sends its love!

    Darwin, Wendy, Ally and Dylan

  6. Hello Jason! I just recently heard of your accident. I'm thrilled to see how quickly you're progressing and that your will to work hard is obvious in getting through this. Sounds as though you're surrounded with lots of great friends and I know, great family. Keep up the hard work and know that we're thinking of you.

    Laurie Stol (Whitecotton)

  7. Hey Collette! I am coming up to Royal Alex for an appt tomorrow. Wanted to know if you want to get together for lunch or coffee or whatever. My appt is at 11, so anytime is fine. Call me or email me...Patty

  8. Hey Jigger, they just don't build 'em with a bigger, gentler heart and stronger head (just ask anyone who ran into Jigger on the football field..Ouch!) From the updates it is obvious that your poitive spirit and will to fight are shinning thru, keep up the good fight buddy, we are all cheering for you!!!
    Thinking of you and all of your family,
    Brian, Jody, Bailey & Ryder

  9. Wow what a journey you have encountered!!! Keep on keeping on Jigger:) Love to hear the positives. Thinking of you and the family.


    Kathy Doornenbal

  10. We're rooting for you, Jigger! Prayers and love sent your way...from Bruce, Megan, Luke and Taryn

  11. Keep up the hard work work Jason. Before you know it those baby steps will become leaps and bounds.
    Thinking of you all.
    Neil & Heather Jackson

  12. Hey Jigg,

    Took me forever to figure out how this Blogg thing works !! Awesome to see how everything is going !!!! My families prayers are with ya big fella keep up the great work . If you or your family need anything at all, well it goes without saying.....

    Scott and Royane DePatie

  13. Way to go "COACH" Jigger. Cheering you on with wagon wheels and pink whistles.


  14. It's amazing to think of all that has happened in 10 days. We are so impressed with the strength and resilience everyone has been showing. Jason and Colette, you and the kids are never far from my thoughts. We are sending up all the positive energy we can muster!!

  15. Thinking of you often and if we can help in any way, please let us do something to feel useful, we can look after the kids, cook, clean, run errands, or whatever your family needs.
    Wishing you all the very best.

    Angie & Jerry + Nash Pala.