Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th 2011

We got to spend 3-4 hours with Jigger and Colette today and they are both doing awesome! Jigger has made friends with most of his nurses and physio therapists, and it is great to see him smile. He is doing great with his speaking valve and lasting longer with it on everyday. He keeps pushing longer with his physio workouts and is seeing great results each day. Jigger just keeps dreaming of an Ice cold glass of water? Or BEER!
Jigger needed to get a work update about D&M and was also asking about LLL Trucking so Brett had to give him a update in person! I think Brett just wanted to ditch work today but it was great to have him there today. Once he gets out of ICU he will be able to see more visitors and the way he is working it won't be long!

Jason and Colette just want to thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts that have found their way up to them as well as the supplies that have been brought over to John and Sharon's for the kids!

And a huge Thankyou from the entire Lunn family for all the calls, emails and the comments on this blog.

 Please keep them coming it is something we all enjoy to read.


  1. We are always so excited to read that you are making such great progress! You are so inspiring and we can all learn from you! It was so nice to see Cadence's smiling face tonight at practice. It brought a little piece of you back, Jigger! And Colette....I will think of you on Sunday when I hear the clapping gloves!

    Chad, Andrea, Paige & Brooke

  2. Jason what a huge inspiration you are! After reading all the comments and following the blog from the beginning it is clear what a positive impact you have made in this community we have grown up in. You continue to make that impact from your hospital room! Keep up the great work!

    Krista Kamps

  3. We love reading the blog everyday and hearing about the great progress you are making. You are on our minds throughout the whole day. It is neat to see all the support from friends family and the community. You have touched so many lives. I hope Colette gave you a big wet one from me yesterday and rubbed your ears just a little.( Traci talking) Steven might rub your ears but I dont think you would like a big wet one from him. Your determination and strength is second to none and will take you far. We are so proud of Colette and your family and how they have handled this with such strength and courage. We love you tons and want you to know you are all in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Can't wait to see you again and get another hand squeeze. Love you lots
    The Pluisters

  4. Jigger you are amazing:) Sooooooooooooooooooooo happy to follow your progress! Thank goodness for computers! Thinking of all of you each day:):):)
    Bob arrived in Alberta today and wanted to come see you but you need your rest:) One more soldier on you side:):):) Take care my friend. Kate:):)

  5. This was the first night that I didn't shed a tear reading the blog. Jason you and all of your family are so dear in our hearts. We hope with all our might that your progress keeps going in the direction that it has been. Keep up the fight.

    Di, Jay, Connor & Jackson

  6. Hi Jason

    On behalf of all of the members of District 4 and the SparKIN the Flame
    team we wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. We are looking
    forward to your return to your Kin family. We are here for full support
    in any way shape or form. Theresa and Len are great assets to our team
    and we support them 100% and they will be there for you too - because
    that's what the Family of Kin does, we look after each other. Cheers to
    seeing you back.

    Yours in the Family of Kin

    Doug & LeAnne Christiansen
    Kinsmen & Kinette Governors

  7. Hi Jason & Colette,

    Wow what a journey you guys have been on! Just want to let you know we are praying for you and your family. Keep up the amazing recovery.
    Tony & Debbie

  8. Hi Jason & Colette,

    Not a day goes by that we don't think of you guys and what an inspiration you are. Seen Ryk at school yesterday, loved to see his smiling face as he called out to say hi to me.

    It goes without saying if you need anything....

    Keep on keeping on Jason!

    The Rider's

  9. Jason and Colette, so good to hear how things are progressing. Adam was asking about coach Lunn the other day and said he hopes you are going to be okay... We all know what a positive guy you are and with all the love and support of your family and friends we know you will continue to do well... We are here for you and will continue to be... Love from the Heindel's.

  10. Hi Jig!
    I have been following the blog with GREAT interest and cheering your ongoing recovery milestones. Sure great to see how much effort, attitude and heart you're putting into the recovery. Also really excellent to see all the great supporters who are cheering you on. Keep up the great work. We think about you several times a day so if your ears are burning (one of my old mother's favorite sayings) you'll know Tom & Carol are probably talking about you again! Keep up the great work! The Simpsons

  11. We are so proud of you Jigger! We can't wait to give you anothe ice cold sponge bath!
    Love from your other wives!

  12. Hey Jigger and Colette,
    We are so darn excited to read the blog everyday and see your incredible progress!! I have to say Jigger, I'm not surprised..... you have the strength, courage and amazing spirit to fight this fight, and you will win.... just remember, you have the whole community fighting every step with you!!

    Mckenna was so excited to see Cadence at practice last night, she said it was the best practice ever with her back! Every morning she wakes up and asks me if I have any more news to tell her about Coach Jigger. She misses you, we all do....

    Keep working hard Jigger!!! You, Colette and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers every single day! We can't wait to come up and visit you.....

    Stay Strong Jigs.... we love you!

    Barbie, Carey, Mckenna and Tate

  13. Hey Jigger,

    Really appreciate the blog for updates and progress. We keep the positives thoughts headed your way. Look forward to a visit and touch base with some of your new nursing friends!!! All the best buddy!!


  14. Following your progress every day ,Jigger .Keep up the good work. I know with your strong personality, that you won't let this beat you. Our most heart felt wishes are with and your family. Hoping to see you soon!

  15. It has been a long while since I have seen you or anyone in your family but since I heard about the accident I have been praying for you and your family daily. Love reading about the incredible progress you are making daily...you are a true inspiration. Keep up the good work!!! I'll keep up the prayers and the positive thoughts for you.

  16. Jason and Colette,
    Stopped by Sharon and John's after school yesterday so I was able to see the kids.Dave was going to come but Grandpa John was taking Ryker to hockey. Your kids are sweet and AWESOME and so positive about their Dad. Cadence and Ryker had lots of stories about hockey, school etc. and seemed very settled.Griffi was very smiley but played "hard to get". Cadence is so thrilled to have Dad's phone to text Colette, receive pics. etc. She showed me a pic. of Jason being wheeled around the hospital yesterday and they were thrilled!! John and Sharon are doing great with the kids and said they have had lots of support from family, friends and the community. Grandma Dea left a message last night saying being with Jason on his tour of the hospital left tears in her eyes and joy in her heart. She says he is doing incredible and she will be there as much as possible, but hopes to help out with the kids as well. Through out our days we think of both of you and your family and we are so thankful for your astounding progress in such a short time Jason. We wish you every improvement, big and small,that will bring you one day at a time closer to complete recovery.Your amazing spirit will carry you through Jason and we know having Colette by your side every day has given you the love and support you need to be strong.Remember even if we are not with you, you are forever close in our hearts. Love Always, Lynn and Dave