Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st 2011

Had to post Jigger with a smile again! Still in his private room with air bed and gel pillow, I dare them to try to take them away. Had a good workout with physio this morning and was ready for a nap when we left this afternoon. Still working hard and cant wait to get that Damm trake out so he can have the Big drink of WATER! Just waiting on the green light to get that sucker out which should be in the next couple of days?
Keep on fighting buddy!


  1. Two thumbs up Jason! Keep up the hard work! Where thinking about you and the whole family everyday. Lots of hugs! Love Bill & Jill

  2. Jigger your so strong in everything you do, so excited for you to get that drink of water! Way to go man!
    love ya guys.lyndsay

  3. The Dobirstein's .....February 1, 2011 at 9:53 PM

    I just want to say we wish you the best and a fast recovery , Jason and I have been keeping Fred and Shirley updated but now she nows how to look herself and will be leaving you her best wishes soon ......Keep up the great work and the positive attitude ..........Your in our prayers
    Jason,Jacki,Fred, Shirley Dobirstein

  4. Great news to hear that the trake will be out soon....Keep up the hard work!!! Can't wait to hear how good that drink of water is.

    In my prayers
    Tina Miskey

  5. Jason, Colette,Cadence,Ryker,& Griffin
    Jason with your attitude & strong will,and determination,you will do it . Keep up the good work, sending Prayers & Best Wishes your way. (did post before but don't know if you got it!) Hugs, Ron & Denise Piller

  6. Hey Lunns!
    Jason we have been thinking of you and your family every day and sending you tons of positive energy and prayers. We are amazed by your strength and positive attitude. We all sure miss yours and Colettes smiling faces around the arena, keep up the fight we are rooting for you.
    The Courts

  7. You are an amazing family! Jigger keep up the hard work and Colette, keep giving those nurses a hard time....helps pass the time!!
    Steve, Penny, Brett & Brooklyn

  8. Colette - Just thinking about you & Jason...and of course, my prayers are being sent to you with love. Jason is an amazing man & I know each day will get better - remember to keep counting the small things as they will get bigger & bigger

    Pat & Bob

  9. Jason, We can see the determination in your smile and your eyes! Stay strong. Thinking of you and all your family...Bob and Laura Lee

  10. Looking good Jason!! Hope you get a tinzy shot of rye with that water!! Also, just wanted to ask, I thought AC DC had to with an electric current?? What are they talking about? Anyway you look good man, keep it up! Don

  11. keep up the good work, our thoughts and prayers are with you, Love uncle jack and aunt Ruth

  12. Colette, I sent you an email at dmconcrete address. Its the one I had on the old Mothergoose contact list.