Friday, March 11, 2011

MArch 10th 2011

Jigger is no longer the human furnace! Had to ask for a hoodie the last few days.

Jason worked on OT today but PT was under construction so got a day pass, so went back over to Unit 33 to say Hi!

Kids are headed up tomorrow morning to spend the weekend, and get to checkout Jiggers daily routine.


Addy and Fletcher! Loving the snow.............


  1. WOW! Things have changed! I (Kathy) just got caught up on the blog. We are pleased to hear you are at Glenrose. It looks fantastic:) Thank you for keeping us in the loop with this blog and sharing your journey. You are AMAZING and an incredible INSPIRATION!!!!!!! Keep up the great work Jigger:)

    Kathy & Bob Doo....

    Holding the Rope!

  2. Have a good weekend Jason. I'm checking on you every day and thankful for your great attitude. Keep pushing forward and know there are many people thinking about you and your family every day!
    Jeff and Erin