Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29th 2011


Got to spend a day in the trenches with Jigger today! The Glenrose is an amazing facility and have great staff to work with. Met Jim - Sherry and Unis in Jason's first OT session today he was working on fine motor skills and arm strenght workouts! The 2nd session with Gwen was on Lift devices and Chairs and house modifications when Jigger comes home!

I brought along a little work so Jigger doesn't get rusty on me!He looked over some new product idea's and NUMBERS? He gave us the 2 thumbs up!!

Allison in PT worked him Hard!! Side transfers on both sides were awesome today!!

Then he had to do some Cardio work with a rowing machine!! Look at the SPEED!!

 Awesome day with Bro!!

Cool Poster in PT............ Jigger wants a chair like this one!



  1. So proud of the Lunn "boys"! What fantastic men you have grown up to be. Xoxoxo. Linda May

  2. Go dad go from .ryker

  3. good guys both an inspiration to all of us ask them about platelet rich plasma works for knees hips shoulders is a type of stem cell process i dont know what level you are at but mite be worth a look who knows like the tee shirt says never say never still glad to hold the rope in maui bob and carol bailey check hal brown nd in vanc on net about prp poke a few brains at glenrose

  4. Jason,
    I have been checking the blog often and am so impressed and inspired by the progress you have made through your hard work and dedication. My boys always ask how you are doing, and we pop into the blog to have a look. You've got a whole community rooting for you! Keep it up!
    Tracy Somers-Brown