Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st 2011

Had a great visit with Jigger today,Dave Troy and I were up today. Jason and Colette look good and we got to spend some tim eout in the atrium while Jason had lunch. I had some papers that needed signed and Jason got it done! Signature looks great!

 Colette and I had a great meeting with the Charge nurse and got some questions answered on how the transfer works from The Alex to the Glenrose. Jason is second on the list and she is calling everyday just to check on the availability of a transfer. We have got a routine set up everyday so he can start preparing for what is going to happen once he goes over to the Glenrose.

I had to go over just to see for myself! Looks like a great place very positive and enviting place. Bumped into a Pysio that Jason had in ICU, she got transfered over 3 weeks ago, and she remembered Jason and had been keeping an eye open for him, and will keep checking for us too!

Right now a positive attitude and determination is what Jigger needs! We will KEEP HOLDING THE ROPE for you JIGGER!!


  1. Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to say a quick hello. Jason you are looking wonderful in all the pics. Keep up the fantastic attitude and determination. Thinking of you daily

    The Madoche family

  2. Hi Jigger and Colette!
    Was great to see you last week, even for a short period of time! Second on the list is great - hopefully tomorrow??? Think that you are going to have to put an extension on that ROPE! Won't be long till people are knocking people off at the bottom!

    Keep that positive attitude Jason and Colette. It will carry you both through to the end.

    Charlotte and Gord