Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23rd 2011

Jigger making a deal with the wheel chair vendor!

A little rec time with Mama! And Jigger let her win!



  1. You are looking so strong Jason! Keep up the hard work! Jill and Daron

  2. You look great Jason !!! Would like to get up again to see you and Colette but I know you are kept busy and have lots of family and friends come in. Our cows have started calving so we wish spring would really happen. We are going to Lake Louise with Lisa ,Brent Zach and Nat as the boys are in a snow boarding competition. Jacob leaves today with Fred Knipp's group on a mission to Mexico so being typical grandparents we have some concerns. We have been reassured they will be well looked after and have a safe place to stay. Deanna and Sharon give us your news and also the updates and pic. are so appreciated as we realize the commitment it takes so thanks again to you both and to Greg. Thinking of you, Dave and Lynn

  3. You look Awesome Jason! I think we had better look out--you will be outracing all of us. Keep up the great work--you are a real trooper. We are very proud of you.
    Marvin & Shirley