Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2nd, 2011

Jigger got his wish today.... finally a private room (for now), room mate was shipped out!  Jason told the nurses he wanted to interview any prospective room mates.  Another big first, Jason just had is first bath today, felt fantastic.... spa day at the Alex.  But it did tire him out as he had to hold his head up.  Jigger finally has Internet in room so for the first time has checked his emails and is now up-to-date on things,  very much enjoyed being in the loop.
  Jiggers working hard on his pincher grasp :)  Part of the new program had physio twice today.

HOLDING THE ROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Way to go Jigger!!! Keep it up! hopefully over to the Glenrose before you know it. Say hi to Collette from us, Griffins picture was in the newspaper for the Father Lacombe School and it was so cute:) Well keep up the hard work.


  2. You are truly amazing!

  3. Good Morning Jason and Collette. I was in the Glenrose about a year ago as I had a fractured spine also. My injury is at the t12 area. I have visited with Sharon but I wanted to pass on my email address if there was anyway I could help. It is fantastic to see all the love and support you are both receiving but if I could assist in anyway please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Take Care

  4. Hi Jigger and Colette

    Glad to hear that your roommate got airlifted home, and very happy that you have a room to yourself for a few ..... days/minutes .. whatever!

    And now you have a computer as well as a few other goodies! You are sure to get called to the Glenrose now that you have a few luxuries in life!

    That ROPE is getting shorter at the bottom end .. too many people hanging on! Hope you are moved soon.

    Charlotte & Gord

  5. this nrope has no end more people needed hell it goes all the way to maui kep up the good work jason bob bailey

  6. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!! Jason your mom just called crying tears of JOY to hear you are going tomorrow to the Glenrose and was so happy to get the call from you.Your Mom so loved the time you had together last weekend and is so relieved to see you moving on. Now great things can be accomplished and there will be no more boring days waiting to move on. You and all your family remain in our thoughts and prayers. The pic. of Griffi in the Globe is so cute we ; he should be paid for advertising!! every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Dave and Lynn

  7. Hey, Jason. Mom and I just had a visit and lunch at my place so she4 wants to send her love too.!!
    We are both so happy to hear you will be moved tomorrow and Mom cannot wait to see you at the Glenrose xoxoxo Deanna and Lynn

  8. YEAH!!!! Good News! Have a good move and looking forward to more good news!

  9. Just to say sorry ;the last messages were a little confusing.Your Mom and I were visiting and decided to send a comment together.( Your Grandma is not here but I am sure she is watching over you)!! Also we did think Griffi should be paid every day Ha! but meant you are in our thoughts and prayers every day!!
    P.S. Are you sick of me yet?? Ha!Ha!Hugs to both you and Colette Lynn

  10. Keep up the great work Jig!! Hopeing to make it up to see you after the big move .

    Scott DePatie

  11. Hey Jason! I see you are going to the Glenrose tomorrow - Congratulations! It is an amazing place for healing and I know you will like it there. Mom and I bake so if you or Colette have any requests, just have your mom or Sharon let us know and we will make whatever you want. Keep pushing forward.

  12. Hello Jason and Colette,
    Awesome news, just heard about the big move tomorrow. You are going to do great there. Love the "Holding the Rope " story - you have so many people holding the rope. It is great to see how many lives you both have touched over the years. Loved, Griffin's picture in the paper, it is so cute. When I think of the two of you and your families, I think of a favorite quote. "To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu
    Fitting because I do not know anyone else with more strength or courage. Good luck tomorrow. We will see you soon, can't wait.
    Keep up the great work! Keep on, keeping on.
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel