Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9th 2011

Jason worked his butt off today! Both PT and OT are very happy with his abilities and his injury level! Attended a lifestyles class today and had a speaker share his storey of his life and it is all about attitude! Positive attitude! Well Jigger will be just fine if that is all it takes.

Here are some pictures of what Jigger is working on in his daily routine!

The Plank!! Did you know Jigger could do the plank for 3 minutes??

Neck extensions!!

Momentum rolls!

Cathy stopped by for a visit!

Jason is doing amazing and making huge progress everyday! GO JIGGER!



  1. You are inspiring Jason!!! Your attitude is amazing. Something we can all learn from!! Your family is great!!, and I thank them for keeping us informed about you recovery. I read you blog every day!! Keep up the hard work!!

    Mike, Kim, Cole and Abby Thompson

  2. OMG Jason I burn calories just seeing all your hard work and I hope to get off the couch one day soon. You will be an encouragement to other spinal injury people for sure. Thanks for sharing you private journey with us. Love you and your at-a-tude DUDE :)
    Love cuz Shelly

  3. hey Jigger! you are on the road and we are all holding the ROPE! Great work and we know that you can do it.

    The shuttle came back from space today and I think that the ROPE was on it from when Ryker sent it there and now it is back. What a short journey it was!

    Love to Colette and the kids for their part in your recovery.


    Love Charlotte and Gordon.

  4. Hey Jason, your attitude will make a HUGE difference in your recovery. I know someone that had a spinal cord injury and the Glenrose had her back to the point that she could walk. Unfortunately, she didn't have a positive attitude, she got too lazy to do the work and is no longer able to walk. Physically, she would have been fine if she didn't give up.

    With that being said, I am so impressed with your positive attitude. You will go so much further with all your hard work plus your positive attitude. So many of us are holding the ROPE and are so very proud of you!

    Colette, you are an amazing wife and mother and we are all proud of you and the kids too!

    Susan McElroy

  5. Wow Jigger you are doing amazing things!!
    Colette, I know you are working just as hard!

    Keep up the great work!! :)

    Ken, Brenda, Jordan, Shelby and Sydney

  6. good jason you are an inspiring example to all of us all the best bob bailey maui rope

  7. It is so great you are doing so well Jason and that the recovery and physio programs are moving forward. Thank you for letting all the friends and family that care so much; in on your daily progress. Lisa, Brent and Nat so loved the visit with you both and with Cathy. Nat had to tell your "funny" story !! Wishing you continued strength and courage towards a positive outcome. May your kind and loving spirit come back to you many times over. Hugs to you both, Dave and Lynn