Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th 2011

Jason and the Kids got to go through the paces today, Very proud Dad showing them off to the staff!

Griffin doing some of his own routine!!

Lots of new things for the kids to watch!

Jason and Gerald got to have a visit today, had to do some form design I would bet?

End of the day and Griffin and Cadence are helping with Jiggers breathing exercises. Full day of working hard and enjoying the family.

Good job Jigger!



  1. Wow, the Glenrose looks amazing! You are obviously in the best place you can be right now, keep up the hard work!! We are all rooting for you. The Courts.

  2. Go Jason Go!!!!

    With the rope that long ... to Maui and the Moon and back ... we are all pulling for you. Love to Colette, Ryker, Griffin and Cadence and to you especially for having such a great family and such great support.

    Charlotte and Gord