Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4th 2011

Jigger is dressed and ready to make the move over to the Glenrose! Here we go!

Grandma Dea made the trip up today to make sure the move went ahead as planned!

Jigger got fitted to a "Temp" chair for the weekend, went on tour of where he will be spending his days. They have a HOP room that rocks! Weights -Ropes- good stuff!

Jigger had a huge day with doctors and meetings and tours! Lots of Visitors today wishing Jason and Colette all the best. Looks like Jigger gets the weekend off and then gets right at it on Monday.

There are some new rules that the Glenrose enforces! Visiting is limited to after 6pm during the week and Weekends! Jason will be working very hard during the day so he will not have time to sit and visit.This is what we have been hoping for a long time!

Griffin getting a little cuddle time with Dad after a very busy day!



  1. Ryker,

    Looking good.Hope you like your new digs.See you next weekend.Love the gang in Lacombe.XOXO.

  2. g ood to see grandma dee on job lots of rope in maui all best bob

  3. Congratulations on your move Jaon. The new visiting rules seem a bit harsh, but I guess they are going to make sure you put in a full day! Griffin looks absolutely adorable. Have a good weekend and get lots of rest.
    Jenny told me to just hit anonymous to send this-so hope it gets on the blog. I am so not computerish.

    Sharon Adler

  4. So glad to hear you have made the big move! We know you will show everyone there how determined you are! All our best!

    Connie and Dave

  5. Glad to see you that you got to move! So proud of you and your family! you guys rock! look forward to all the good things that are going to come from this move! you are such an inspiration! With all that detrmination i know you are going to kick butt!

    The Wilsons

  6. Hi Lunn gang - so glad to see Jason getting moved to Glenrose. We know a few people, including brother Steve, that spent some quality rehab time at Glenrose. Thanks for continuing the daily updates - always good to see the progress. Strength to each of you as you travel this rehab road together! Go Jason!

    Laurie Stol(Whitecotton)