Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th 2011

Jigger survived his first day! Lots of assessing and questions in the first few sessions.

They got right after working hard today! Physio is very pleased with his determination! Jason put his splints on himself and buckled his seat belt.

Jigger's PT is Allison the physio from ICU.



  1. Looking great Jason. Keep it up!

    di, jay, connor & jacks

  2. Hi Jason and Colette
    How great to see that you are in a place where even better things will start to happen. It will be so amazing to witness you getting that body kickstarted again, with Dilworth there keeping tabs and your 3 clones motivating you, plus your whole town and family behind you - wow your gonna go far. Always thinking about you guys..
    Marilyn, Brian, Derek and Owen

  3. We're ssoo excited for you that you finally got into Glenrose and get to start working hard like you've been dying to do for so long! Keep up the amazing attitude...both of you!!
    Steve, Penny, Brett & Brooklyn

  4. Hey Jigger and Colette,
    Love to see the amazing progress! Keep up the unbelievable determination! We are so proud of both if you!
    Love from Ian, Jennie, Emma, Connor and Carson

  5. Hi Jigger,

    Wow looking great! Stephen used to call them "Physio Terrorists"!! But the bottom line they are wonderful and you will start to see results.

    Keep pushing!
    Love, The Radu's