Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27th 2011


Family time this weekend, and lots of friends up to visit!

Griffin showing off the Dilworth side!!

Lots of relaxing time getting ready for a busy week of working out!



  1. Hi dad form.ryker

  2. Hey Jason,
    The Heindel's are still checking in and it's good to see all your smiling faces. Adam is playing spring hockey up there so we hope it's okay to come for a visit.
    Take care and know that we are thinking about you and your family every day.

  3. Looking good guys! it is so good to have this blog so that we continue to follow you and your recovery, keep up the good fight! we are so proud of you guys!!!!! Have a fun day with the girls:)

    The Wilsons

  4. Hey Jason wow your looking great, look at you go. We're so proud of you both. Colin has kept me updated when I don't get to look at the blog everday. colin is still working away so when he comes home I would love to come for a visit of course Colin too. I saw you got to go to Lacombe for a day I bet that was great to get out. Maybe you can have more days like that very soon, keep up the great work we're thinking of you all everyday sorry I haven't written in along time but we do look forward to all your accomplishments everday on the blog. If you still need anything just ask we mean it, okay Colette and Jason. Hopefully see you soon. Glad to see your smiling face Jason.

    Colin and Tammy