Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20th 2011

Big day today Jigger got a day pass to come home for Kensey's 16th birthday party! Thanks for the ride Kris!

Thanks to Lorne and Vickey Bingeman for the use of their van to bring Jigger home! Worked out really well.

Kensey was very surprised to see uncle Jason on her Birthday! Awesome day......

Kensey - Cadence- Bryn

Arrived back to the Glenrose safe and sound! Ready to start another week of hard work!



  1. Jason and all the Lunns:
    What a big day in your lives. I remember how important it was to our family the day Dad got his 1st pass to come home. It helped heal minds, souls, hearts and bodies. Glad we could help make this day possible. Before Dad passed away it was his wish that we keep "his freedom wagon" so others could make use of it. He would be pleased to that has happened. Keep up the great work Jason- still holding the rope!
    P.S. Happy Birthday Kensey. Can't believe it's 16 years already.
    Lorne & Vicky B.

  2. Hello Jason, Colette and family,
    Wow, that is awesome Jason. We are so happy that you were able to go on pass and go to the party. Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are great. We wish you all the best this week with physio. You are doing amazing, keep up the hard work! Happy 16th birthday Kensey!
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  3. What a wonderful surprise Jason, it must have felt awesome to be with Kensey and all the family on this special occasion!! Hear you will be doing more fun things; we are so happy to see you enjoying activities. The pictures are great and we wish Kensey Happy 16!!! definitely surprised your mom and dad; they were so happy !!!!!,Hugs to you both, Dave and Lynn

  4. Holy Awesome you guys! It must have been a great day! Nice change of scenery I imagine. Colette, I need some pointers on how to block out the chicks in class for the next 3 days! They're getting really big and noisy!!Keep up the great work.

  5. HOW EXCITING! Still watching your updates and sending lots of love. Jason, Colette... YOUR WHOLE family is inspiring! xo The Lacombe Berubes

  6. WOW !!!! Your out and about. Great News!! Always thinking of u 2. Love Judy

  7. Jason,

    All your progress is so wonderful! You look great in all your pictures, the family looks amazing. I really loved the picture of you and Kensey on her birthday, that was so awesome you went to see her. I can't wait to see you Jason, going to come visit soon, I am also very excited for you and Colette to meet Peyton Elizabeth, she is growing way to fast.
    You are doing so amazing, keep up all that hard work and that positive attitude!
    Love you all.
    lyndsay henderson