Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th 2011

Jigger worked on the ARMS today, going to get those pipes back soon! Very tired after his PT session today, looks awesome buddy!

After Physio  Jigger got to work on his fine motor skills.Building a BUNKER SILO....

Jigger got to meet a new friend today!Looks like he has been working too hard!

Jason and Colette had a great night and met some new people from the unit.Went to a St.Patrick`s day supper that some of the other patients learning to cook after their injury put on. Jigger had a green O`doules he said it tasted like the real deal.

Ryker was playing hockey tonight won his first playoff game tonight against Rocky Mountain House 6-3!! Very exciting game for the Rockets!



  1. Wow! You are doing amazing Jason!
    Sharon Adler

  2. Good job Jason,Colette it looks like you've lost a little weight, lol Way to go Rockets!
    Luv Ya Judy

  3. Love your sense of humor Jason; it will help carry you through so many challenges. Awesome to see the various exercises you are doing and that each day for you and Colette holds promise. We may all get busy but you and your family remain close in our hearts EVERY day. Hugs, Lynn and Dave

  4. So proud of you. Keep up all the hard work. So glad you are at the Glenrose now . Sorry we have not written on here much lately. We do check on you everyday and you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Had a great visit with Cadence yesterday. What a beautiful little lady she is. Love you all dearly. Hope to see you soon. The Pluisters

  5. You look great! We are so proud of all you hard work. Keep on going. We ckeck on you everyday and love the updates and pictures. What an awsome family you have Jason and Colette. Your kids are amazing just like you both.