Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12th 2011

Family time this weekend. Found out you have to get a pass to leave your unit? Huh!

Heard about a resturant at the tower through the tunnels. Got a pass and went out for Dinner!

All went well with no troubles at all!

Granny stopped in for a visit this weekend,looks like he gave up workout class for LENT.

Enjoy your family time Jigger and have a great weekend!



  1. Jason left the building!!!!!!!rock on daddy I'm holding the rope. Love katie

  2. Jason left the building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on daddy Im holding the rope.Love Cadie

  3. Hope you all have a great weekend,you all look great! Thinking of you everyday! Love Jill&Bill

  4. Love to see the family out and about!
    Sharon Adler
    There is an Ash Wed.picture on the school website with Griffin. Check it out.

  5. Hi Jas, That plank looks like an exercise I do with the ball, however I can only hold for one minute and you can do it for THREE! However you are much younger than I am so it has nothing to do with being stronger!! You and your family are looking great and you are showing everyone how life is done! Am Damn proud of you. Take care, Don