Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th 2011

Jason and Colette had a quiet day today, no word from the Glenrose yet? Hoping to stop there tomorrow and check it out? Ask a few questions?

Jigger just chilling with his tunes Kensey loaded up for him!! Little ACDC

Cadence was back at it on the ice tonight in Red Deer 1st game of playoffs, tight game but lost 4-3.Second one goes tommorrow in Lacombe. GO ONE TOOTH!!

Jason and Colette want to wish Misty a very happy 30th Birthday and to have a Fantastic trip in Mexico!

See you tomorrow Jigger! KEEP HOLDING THE ROPE!


  1. Good Morning Jason and Collette,

    Looking good Jigger, the new glasses really suit you! Hopefully you will get over to the Glenrose soon. Stephen spent a little time there. The staff is amazing, very caring but tuff! We know you are up to the task!

    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!
    The Radu's

  2. Hey Jigger,
    I love that you're kicking back with some good tunes! That Cadence of yours was amazing last night! She is a real go getter just like her dad!! Do you miss my yelling yet? Greg gave me a couple of polite digs about it after the game.:)Cadence appreciated my should have seen her on the bench trying to get everyone else cheering. They'll get em tonight!!! After Jenae and I came to see you, we left to find Terry, she kept saying, "Mom, can we go back up to see again befor we leave?..."Mom, I really wanna go back up one more time! and on and on. She was quiet when we were there but not so much after that. She sure misses you as they all do. Keep up all your good work and hopefully you'll get to the Glenrose soon! Rhonda Trider

  3. Hey Jigger & Collette, your looking good..Hope you get into the Glenrose soon, were thinking about you wishing you the best.

    The Rec Center staff