Monday, February 14, 2011

February 13th 2011

Weekend is over and Jason and Colette had a great time with the kids and Both Grandma and Grandpa's. New room mate today? David got punted to a room with 4 beds,We wish him all the best! Cant wait to meet the new guy?

Hoping for an exciting week of progress Jigger! Hold The Rope Buddy!

Jigger with Clothes! Sorry Charlotte Green bay Rules!!


  1. Looking good Jason! It is great to hear that you and Colette had such a good weekend with the family. All the pictures were awesome! Congratulations to Don Deanna, 45 years that is something to be very proud of! So glad they were able to spend their special day with all of you. We wish you another great week filled with more progress and smiles. You both are amazing! Can"t wait to see you again.
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  2. Happy Valentines Day Lunn Family!
    I am so happy to see those pictures of Jason and the kids, they are beautiful.Happy 45th Don and Grandma Dea! That is so wonderful!
    Jason you look so good, I am so happy that you are getting those drinks of water!
    Love the Green Bay shirt!
    Wishing you a happy week, lots of progress and smiles!
    love you so much

  3. Great to see all the progress Jigger. Keep up the good work. All the best
    The Bessette Family

  4. Hey Jason, Colette and family. We have been keeping up with your progress daily and are awe-struck at the speed of your have tremendous determination, and of course all that love and support.
    Can't wait to see the next obstacles you crash through full force!
    Only good thoughts coming your way.....keep up the good work.

    James, Tara, Ainsley and Declan

  5. sorry didnt mean to shout GOOD WORK JASON BOB BAILEY

  6. Happy Valentines Day Jigger and Colette! Hugs and smooches from the other wives!

  7. Happy Valentines Day Lunn family! I'm sure loving all the pictures! It's nice to see that you have such a great group of people looking out for you Jigger! Terry has a Dr. apt. at the Royal Alex on Wed. the 16th, so I thought I'd spring Jenae from school and we'd pop in to see you. We sure do miss seeing you guys at the arena. Boy do you have a lot of time in the box to make up for!! LOL! The Triders

  8. Way to go Jay!!!!!! You are looking awesome. Sounds like this "David" is a real treat. Keep pushing on bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like your new roomie!!!!!!


  9. Hi Jason & Colette - Happy Valentines Day. Like
    so many others we are checking your progress daily - you guys are truly amazing! Keep up the good work. Our thoughts are with you - hugs to all. Fred & Marilyn.

  10. WOW Jason I can't believe it, your looking great by the way, glad to hear all the great news trach out, eating solid food, drinking(water). I see the kids were out again they look happy to see you. Happy valentines day to you & Colette. Wishing you all the best everyday, keep up the great progress Jason and hope your roomate works out. We're thinking of you all everyday.

    Colin & Tammy

  11. Looking good Jason. What a difference a week makes. Keep up the great work.

    Diana & Jackson

    p.s. we love the romeo picture of Ryker! Look out girls!