Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19th 2011

Jason and Colette got their tour of the Glenrose yesterday, looks like an amazing place. Got to see the unit wher Jigger may be soon! Very new and some very friendly people over there so they can't wait to get moved over.

Jigger has got his appetite back! He is liking food so much he even ate ToFu today? I think someone screwed up there, he is a meat and Potatoe GUY!!

The weekend is filled with lots of visitors and visits with friends and family Jason and Colette want to thank everyone for stopping by,sending cards and gifts and commenting on the Blog, it is very much appreciated.

Jason had a good visit with Uncle Gary and Aunty Karen from Lethbridge on their way home from Vacation.

Keep that smile going Jigger it is great to see.

Keep on Holding The Rope!


  1. Good Morning Jason. We have a new morning routine at our house. Put the coffee on, run to the computer and login to Jigger's blog to get all the "good" morning news. Thanks Greg and Colette for getting the positive energy flowing to all your followers. Can't wait for you to get to the Glenrose Jason. We've had two family members fortunate to go through the Glenrose process, both with amazing results. We are so excited for you as you continue to inspire everyone. Keep Holding the Rope!
    Lorne & Vicky B.

  2. Hey Jigger, I Read the meaning behind the rope story and LOVED the message, how true, and belive you me there are a TON of people holding the rope:) You keep holding and we hope to get up to see you sometime soon:) you have one amazing family and we are so proud of you and them. Glenrose sounds like it is going to be amazing.
    keep holding the rope!

    The Wilsons

  3. Hey Jigger. I too enjoyed reading the meaning of "Holding The Rope"!!!! You are an inspiration too all of us! Excited to hear about Glenrose. Will keep our fingers crossed that you get there soon.

    Bob and Kathy Doo...