Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7th 2011

Private room is not looking good as of yet? Top of the list they say? May have to ask to see the list! Jigger did get a new GEL pillow today which he thinks if fricking awesome! :) May be he can give the old one to his roommate?
Doc thinks they know how to treat this fever that keeps coming back and that should speed up getting the trake out. He is very confident Jason will have no problems with out it but just want to be 100% ! Physio have taken a long weekend? Mondays tend to start out very slow! Hoping to see them later today yet, they have been doing some stuff with his chest this afternoon,at least it is something! Hurry up and WAIT!

The Kids are having a sleep over at the cousins tonight,Griffy started his day at noon with Aunty Jackie.Cadence and Ryker are coming out after school to hang out! They need to get some skates sharpened and play with Fletcher and Addy! Looking forward to tonight!

See you tomorrow Jigger


  1. We hope you have a great week Jason and we hope you get that dam trake out! We are thinking and praying for you everyday! We Will see you soon! Keep on fighting! Lots of hugs to you and the whole lunn family. Love Bill&Jill

  2. Hi Jigger! Sounds like you had a very good weekend, we were thinking about you as we watched the super bowl last night!!!! Way to go packers. I was so happy that Pittsburgh did not get the WIN!!!! Hope that tomorrow is an even better day and you get moved to the top of that list, no trake,fever and PHYSIO !! think about you all the time, xoxox


  3. Greg, Colette and Jason. Wanted you to know how much we appreciate the updates as Jason and family are always in our thoughts. We appreciate the time it takes to do this as we understand things are not always easy to express. Remember if you miss a day we understand and know how very busy you all are getting on with Jason's recovery. Love and the best days to come to all of you. Lynn and Dave

  4. HI Jason and Colette +3

    You are doing great Jason!!!! You are so lucky to have Colette there to keep you in line = You do need it occasionally!!!

    Hope to see you in the next day or so. Pa Duck has an appointment in the cardiology unit at the Alex so hopefully we will get to see you.

    Love you bunches (may have to put the Kin Ship on your roof to make sure that you know that we are all thinking about you all - opps does Deanna and Don read this?!?!??!_

    Love you more than bunches

    Charlotte and Gordon

  5. Hi Gang,

    Hurray up and wait...totally describes hospital life!!! Love the blog, and hearing about the gains that you are making Jigger...keep up the good work.
    Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!
    The Radu's

  6. Hi everyone,

    We think about you guys all the time!! I know hospital life can drive one CRAZY..been there, done that. I learned to run the equipment while we were 'doing time', the nurses just came in to say 'hi' and comment on how clean our room was, amazing what you do when you're bored! Hang in there, keep bugging the nurses!

    Penny T

  7. Hi guys. Madi and Payton were so excited that they got to see you the other day.( Hailee was mad and says it isn't Fair) Madison was so proud that Jigger called her mad dog. Got to see Cam in Vancouver( I didn't even recognize him) So glad he is coming to spend some time with you Colettey. We will probably come up and see you on Sunday.If I can keep Steven away that long. Love hearing all the positive progress you are making. Think about you everyday. Give Jigger another big wet one from me. Love you tons
    The Pluisters