Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4th 2011

Big day today for Jigger lots of visitors up to see him!He got bumped to a double room but made some deals to get back to the single room soon. Got a bit of a fever again so had a few tests done to get to the bottom of the problem? Had a new chair again today that let him sit up better and was way more comfortable too! They were going to plug the trake today to see how he makes out breathing through his mouth? All the signs look like he should be able to handle it with no problems. Go Jigger!!!

Colette got a chance to get some fresh air and go out for lunch with Tracy today while Jigger had some guy time with good friends.Grandma Dea is heading up tomorrow to spend some time with Jigger and give him a foot massage. Hope the weekend staff won't take too much training again? Keep pushing on Jason and Colette be strong!


  1. Well Jason things seem to be coming along keep fighting we're rooting for you. Luckily Colette is around to keep everyone in control.Colin wants to come visit as soon as he can Jason I tell him all about your updates, so good to see the progress.

    Happy to hear Colette you got out for a much deserved lunch.

    See you all soon. Take care till then.

    Tammy & Colin

  2. I came across a quote which made me think of your family. Your resilience, your strength and your perspective is what makes you the incredible people that you are !!

    Walt Emerson wrote:

    'What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

    It was great texting with you last weekend Colette. Thinking of you guys ....