Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 22nd 2011

D&M Sales team was up to visit today, had some laughs talked some shop! Jigger was catching up on some work stories and talking about stuff~

Ok so today was about having some laughs?

 Jigger a few years ago!

And Jigger today just having some fun!

Ok We need to get him over to the Glenrose! Looks like we have a little cabin fever setting in! Should hear something this week. He is ready to get the ball rolling over there!

Keep up the smiles Jigger!                 HOLDING THE ROPE! 


  1. Soooo is that actually hair you are sporting in the before picture. Keep up the good work!! Thank you to the family for all the postings. They are precious.

    Marvin & Shirley Honecker

  2. Thanks for the laughs Jason, you made us smile this morning!
    Have a great day!
    Love Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  3. Hi Colette and Jason,
    It's the Father Lacombe family virtually dropping by with hugs and kisses! The kids are doing fabulous. The staff room is not the same without you Colette and your unique sense of humor. We miss u guys. Sending our love....
    Staff of FLCS

  4. Dear Jigger,
    Just wanted to let you know Friday is not coming fast enough. We are counting the minutes until our date. Love from the other wives! Oh, by the way say hi to Colette for us! Love Ya