Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6th 2011

Almost had a wreck today! TV was not working on Superbowl Sunday! Got it flanged up and running in time for the game! GO Packers!Jigger got to watch the game sitting up in his chair only thing missing was an ice cold beer! Jason had lots of visits today and even one from old Bobby Sick!
Hoping to get back to a private room tomorrow? Room mate is a little different. RT is looking at removing his trake so let's hope for some action on that tomorrow! Made some money for ya on Green Bay for you Buddy!

See you soon. GL


  1. I have been checking daily on this blog and am pleased to know you are a sting family and are coping as well as any family could. I am so proud of Jason and his awsome attitude.
    Would love to be there to hug and encourage you guys but know it is a busy time of adjustment for you. Know our hearts ached to hear of the accident and wished it didn't have to to happen to Jason but to hear of his relentless determination make our hearts swell with pride.

    love ,hugs and kisses the letkeman (willis) cuz form Winnipeg

  2. Glad to hear you got to enjoy the superbowl!! Here's to a good week in physio and getting that trake out. We will be cheering you both on this week.
    The Madoche family

  3. Glad they got that T.V working for you Jigger, man oh man,some don't realize how big the super bowl really is!! Good luck with physio this week, and hope your all ready to go to get that trake out this week, and enjoy that big glass of water..

    its never good when Greg says the room mate is a little different, hopefully they get you into that private room again. lol!
    Collette you are such an amazing strong woman! Keep taking care of that hubby, and putting those nurses in place when necessary!

    Love you all! You are always in our prayers and thoughts!
    lyndsay henderson boileau~ xo

  4. Hey Jason,
    We're thinking of you this week. We hope all goes well getting rid of the trake.
    Jeff and Erin

  5. So good to hear you got to watch the super bowl Jason, I'm sure Colette wasn't not sure if your a football fan or not. Anyways hope you get your trake out this week and good luck with physio as well I know you'll be trying hard to gain all your strength back. maybe we'll make it in this weekend if Colin is off Jason. Till then take care of eachother we're thinking of you all everyday.

    Love Colin & Tammy