Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th 2011

Another great day! Got to spend time with Jason and Colette today in the Atrium and have lunch and laughs. Chicken Noodle soup is the key, not a lot of chewing to be done! Fruit is another winner!


A Doctor from the Glenrose came by today and we have a confirmed GREEN LIGHT to go there! Now we still need to have a bed open up but there has been a lot of movement over there so he thinks with in the WEEK!Or two at the most Jigger will be there! So Awesome.. Must be a GREEN BAY fan eh Jigger?

A very NICE student nurse will take Jason and Colett over to tour the Glenrose this week.She told Colette it feels like home over there and way more Cheerful.



  1. Looking good Jigger! Hoping for that open bed at the Glenrose real soon. I love the pictures and that beautiful smile of yours. Still thinking about you guys everyday and so proud of the progress you are making and Colette's strength. Ok we must admit we don't get the hold the rope comment and think it sounds a little perverted (lol). Love ya tons. The Pluisters

  2. Hi Lunn Family~
    We are thinking of you often and enjoy reading the updates, thanks. You have come a remarkably long way in the month's time, just think how far you can go in another months time!
    We would like Ryker to come and play or go swimming, so we will have to sort that out.
    Good luck on your Glenrose move, hopefully the wait won't be too long now that you have the go-ahead.
    Through the good and bad days, you have each other for support, as well as the love of family and friends. Let me know if there is anything you need , I would love to give a hand. Bye for now. Angie Pala

  3. Holy Hell, Jigg!!!!

    We're gonna have to send up a BIC razor for ya! :) Had a good chat with Greg at the Ceilidh - glad to hear you're doing better each and every day!
    I check the blog every morning before I head to work and it really picks me up and gets me set for the day!

    You've got a great family around you - happy they are able to spend time with you. The pictures of you, Collette and the kids are just fantastic!

    Take care, buddy - we've got a cold one at Ugly's with your name on it when you're back!

    - Darcy

    PS - read something earlier about a NICE student nurse giving you a tour? How "nice" is nice? Pictures.... ;p