Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st 2011 Family Day

Happy Family Day From the Lunnn's!

Jigger started the day with a shave from Ryker! He is practicing his technique!

Cadence got some suprise Fans today at her game in St. Albert today! Then she got to get her cuddlie in with DAD!

The boys snuck in another snuggle before thay headed home!

Looking forward to a big week and hopefully a move to the Glenrose! Good luck buddy!



  1. Great pictures you guys! All of you are always in our thoughts! The Moffitts

  2. Hey Jason, the pictures of you and your family are excellent! I hope everything works out for you to go over to the Glenrose.

    I have the blog saved in my favotites at home and at work, It is an excellent way for me to keep informed of your everyday progress. Keep up with the hard work we're pullin for you bud.

    You're in my thought everyday!


  3. WOW!!! What a great family picture! Love it!
    Hope you all had a great family day. Good luck this week with Glenrose. We are thinking of you always.
    H&R Hutch

  4. Hi u Lunns,
    Wish a person didn't have to work so I could get up there. Things are slowing up by the looks of it.Hope to see u soon.Things are looking up I see , and the pictures couldn't get any better. Way to go on the shave Ryk. u can cover me shaving Grandpa when I'm away. Thinking of u always Lov u Judy

  5. Looks like a great Family Day. Hope you get the move to Glenrose this week. Everywhere I go in Central Alberta I seem to find someone else that asks about you guys. Makes me smile to know your wonderful family.

    take care

  6. Hello Jason, Colette, and kids,
    What great pictures of all of you. Love those smiles! It look like it was a great day. We are so happy to hear that the move may happen this week. I have heard nothing but positive things about the Glenrose and their staff. They are going to be amazed and inspired when they meet both of you and see your courage, dedication, and strength.

    Great job! Keep on, keeping on! Looking forward to our next visit.
    Love, Brent, Lisa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  7. Great pics! Good luck getting to the glenrose this week. Thats definitely the place you want to be. All our best!

    Dave and Connie