Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th 2011

Looks like we have a positive start to the week, got a green light from the Glenrose. First a Doctor has to come do and assement on Jigger then depending on available beds, he is in!
Jigger got all cleaned up and put on his Red Valentines shirt for a lunch date with Colette in the atrium today. New roomate seams GOOOD? It was storey time most of the day today,his sister in law was reading aloud to him? Must have been a teacher!

Cross your fingers Jigger gets a call up from the glenrose soon! Keep holding the ROPE Jigger!

See you tomorrow buddy.


  1. You have done so well in a month Jason. You have more drive than the average bear.Love the pics and thank goodness for this Blog because we can keep tabs on you. Thinking of you guys.
    Love from the Letkemans

  2. The Glenrose has some great services ! Fingers crossed... Thinking of you ! Happy Valentine's to the both of you :)

    Annette and Paighton

  3. That is great news. One step closer to home. Well done Jason.

    Howard Start

  4. Keep workin hard Jason. I hear the girls bring up your name EVERY game and EVERY practice. Their thinking of you guys and can't wait till their Jigger is back on the bench!


  5. We want you to know that we read the Blog EVERY DAY ! The photo's and posts keep us all in constant awe of how strong of a man and woman you are.
    We see the kids at school and at the rink and they are all smiles, so proud of there mom and dad and doing so well with grandma and grandpa. Keep taking care of eachother and feel the love and support that we all are sending to you EVERY MOMENT!
    All our love: jan and the rest of the "living at the rink mom's"

  6. Hello to all of the Lunn family!
    Jason, sorry you are not Jigger to me, we have been thinking of you often and are cheered to read of even the slightest sign of progress. You are a strong individual both physically and emotionally. They say you can choose you attitude and you certainly seem to have chosen well. Stay strong and keep working. It does seem that you've been rather picky about your room mates and I never thought that you were that hard to get along with! Take care and we hope that the move to Glenrose is soon.

  7. Hey Jason, it's great to see the positive updates day after day. Keep it up and know that we're thinking of you down here in Calgary.

  8. charlotte & gordonFebruary 15, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    So Green Bay rules???? Who in the hell is Green Bay?? Oh yeah, do they play football?

    Could the Oilers try out for Green Bay??

    We can hope. Need to get you a different shirt!!! What does the Glenrose use??? We will have to check it out.

    Hope to see you next week again. Pa Duck has his fingers crossed for Feb 23. We have to go for dinner - maybe we can bring in something exciting like Pizza??? Oh well Jigger, we will find something from room service that might sound good?????!!!!!

    If I buy dinner can I choose the shirt??

    Charlotte and Gordon

  9. looking good jason figure how you grew hair a bunch of us could use it best wishes bob bailey

  10. Dee and Don have been thinking about u all since I heard about the accident----only got this site today---wishing u all the best----Glenrose I worked at years ago and could not want a better hospital for recovery. Best of luck. Just to let u know I have been thinking about you all Bill Crossfield