Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th 2011

Ok HUGE day today. When we were there Jigger went down for the swallowing test to get a read on where he is. When he came back he mentioned he liked the taste of BARIUM! OK he needs to get something to drink or eat! They were waiting for the doctor to sign off so Jason could have a real meal?

Colette just texted me that he had CHICKEN-BROCCOLI-POTATOES!! And a sip of water that he was dreaming about!! WOW this is real close to getting the trake out.

NEW rules! Or I forgot to read the sign! QUIET time is between 2-4pm everyday!
Room mate ( DAVID) has a call button and is a rule stickler !! Just so you Know! $#$^%$



  1. That's great news!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! Jason and family don't 4 get that we are thinking about you every single day! Love bill&jill

  2. You will have to tell David that the noise is coming from down the hall. See if you can throw him off! Loved seeing you guys yesterday. You look great Jason. You too Colette. Keep on keeping.


    p.s. spuds for first meal back... nice.

  3. Glad to see that your improving Jason! We'll keep a nice big rib-eye and beer in the fridge for ya! Keep working hard!

    The Tweits

  4. Great news! Sounds like things are on the up and up:) Except for your roommate .... what goes around comes around!!! Fingers crossed for your private room. Keep up the great work Jigger:):):)

    Bob and Kate Doornenbal

  5. Awesome news Jason! Way to go! So glad to hear that you were able to eat and drink some water. That is fantastic! Keep up the hard work - you and Colette are amazing!
    Love, Brent, LIsa, Jacob, Zachary and Nathaniel

  6. Great new! and great to see the smiles in the pictures! Keeping working hard and getting better. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers

    The Derwantz's

  7. That is GREAT!!!! Next step... getting that stupid track out... Awsome!
    love : the pococks

  8. Love all the great news,keep up the hard work Jigger.Let me know when you want some Bumper to Bumper popcorn!!
    Thinking of you guys everyday.

    The Burton's

  9. We are thinking about you all each and every day. I love the comment about "doing time" in there, how very true. I have rocked other people's babies to bed more than once when they were keeping mine awake. Hopefully David doesn't keep you awake crying all night. Although shoving something in his mouth likely is appealing. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for keeping the updates going, it's so nice to hear of the progress!

    Boyd and kari Lotzien

  10. Jig, keep up the hard work!!! In no time you will be at the table in Ugly's eating over cooked wings with the rest of the Mixers !! I miss taken your money at poker !!! Thinking about you every day..
    Love the Liwin's
    Larry,Laura,Katelyn and Erika