Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 26th 2011

We had an exciting day at the rink today. Looks like all three lunn girls are playing in the Bronze final tomorrow! Cadence lost a tough battle in a mini game tonight 1-0 to Zone 5 to knock them out of the Gold medal game.

Very proud of them all, Colette got to get out to the rink today to watch Cadence play.

Jigger was sporting a new Super bowl Champions hat that Alan brought up for him !

Jigger had visits from Karen and Mark Crosby and family today. Grandma Dea was there today while Colette was at the rink. We are hoping to have some medals to show him tomorrow when we are dione!



  1. You're looking good, Jason! Boy are the kids growing, I remember you guys when you were smaller than them! I'd tell you to keep up the good work, but you have so many guts, i don't have to! I'm proud of you!! TTYL Don

  2. Looking great Jigger!!! Keep up the good work. You would have been proud of how Cadence played this weekend. It was also nice to see you again, Colette!