Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2nd 2011

Jason and Colette had lots of activity today. Visits from friends and Family most of the day. Jason got a couple tests done with his trake in? Some kind of Almond Milk stuff? He said it tasted like CRAP? They will do additional tests in the next few days to gauge his ability to swallow with out difficulty. Then if all goes well out comes that aweful trake tube then water will be the first thing on Jiggers agenda!

Physio is happy with his progress so far and Jigger keeps pushing on with more reps each day. Colette has the nurse's under control now and has a few hand picked that Jason really likes? The ones that dont take too many Breaks!!

Wishing you another great day tomorrow Jigger! Keep the push on!


  1. Way to go Colette, lay the law down to help Jigger in his recovery. Jigger, keep up the hard work buddy. We need to go camping this summer. See you guys soon. All the best
    Jason,Tammy,Isabella and Max Bessette

  2. Love it Colette, you being the hard ass!!! Keep up the great work Jason!.

    Troy, Jacqui, Beaudon, Jackson & Dayton Rider