Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 16th 2011

Busy day up at the Alex today! Jigger got busted by  OT this morning at breakfast, he is supposed to be feeding himself but Jigger had one of those NICE nurses feeding him! Lots of friends for visits and everyone got to spend time with Jason and Colette in the Atrium for lunch.

Jigger had a bit of a spa day today to get rid of his stinky hands and splints! Apparently they are smelling like his hockey gloves! Looks like he is enjoying the Spa?

See you tomorrow Buddy! Keep on Holding the ROPE!


  1. does greg have a clean rope

  2. Atta boy Jason. Keep making those nurses earn their keep. Great to hear about the progress! Still saying our prayers for you and your family!

    The Caines