Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20th 2011

Busy day up in Edmonton today! Lori spent a couple days up with Colette and Jason, wanted to get rid of a nurse or two! Good job Craven!
John and Sharron brought the boys up to see mom and dad.Both got some snuggle time with Dad. Cadence was playing Ringette in Calgary today in the Gold Final at the Lonnie Krahn Tournament.GO ONE TOOTH!!

Lost in the Gold final to St Albert! Looking forward to AA Provincials in Edmonton this weekend, they will get them then!

Colette had Cousins Jackie and Les stop by for a visit today, got Jigger up in his chair for supper tonight! Physio was run by Colette today, her version of HOP!

Looking good Jigger! Keep pushing through!



  1. Cheryl , Jerry and the boysFebruary 21, 2011 at 10:07 AM

    Colette and Jason,
    Glad things are moving along and you are getting to the Glenrose. What cute pictures of the boys! Griffins face is so adorable!! Take care.

  2. Good luck to Cadence in her game today ! HAPPY FAMILY DAY :) Annette and Paighton

  3. Atta boy Jason, looks like you are doing well and giving them H--l! You just proved what I always thought! You are better looking than big bro!! lol

    Say Hi to Colette and Dad and Mom. Thinking of you guys every day! Don

  4. Hey Lunn family, Happy Family Day! Loved the pictures, keep them coming! We miss you tons and think of you daily! Jigger you are looking great! We can't wait to visit! Love from Ian, Genaveve, Emma, Connor and Carson