Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th 2011

Jason and Colette had lots of company today. Dave and Kris spent some time with Jigger while Colette went for lunch with Granma Dea and Bud and Barb Morrison.
Jay Froc made some time for a good visit with Jigger and Gerald and Shirley Bajema made a trip up to see Jason and Colette. Very nice to see all the friends and spend some time with everyone.

Jigger Enjoying some cookies Nicole and Grant sent up! Colette needs the recipe? YUM

The girls are all tucked in ready to play their first games in the morning! GO STING!

And we are all HOLDING THE ROPE! Jigger

See you soon!!!


  1. Hey guys, thought it was high time I added a comment again. Don't want to be accused of being a lurker on this blog! :) We will be in Edm this weekend and hope to see you at the Glenrose -- fingers crossed you will be there by then! (Well, as best as we can cross them while holding the rope...)

    Love from the whole gang,
    Karen et al. in Calgary

  2. Hey Jason and family,
    We are checking in on you daily and it's good to see your smiling face. We're hoping to hear some good news about the move to the Glenrose next week. Have a good weekend!
    The Heindel's

  3. Hello Lunns!

    This is my first time checking in with you, and I think that's kind of odd. Let me explain why. I'm sure we represent many who are the more "silent cheer-ers" - on the sidelines - holding the rope... even though you don't know we're even there. Perhaps there are others who hardly know you, reading, loving and supporting you through good thoughts and prayers on a weekly basis.

    I want to share a clip that I hope you'll watch - all the way to the end - then you might remember the "silent cheer-ers" out there - pushing you on towards recovery. Enjoy... and God bless. Darlene and Ian Wilson, and girls.
    Here is the link:

  4. Awesome reports on the blog. Jason is looking great and it is fabulous to see him progressing. I hope the new digs are available soon. Love the "Hold The Rope" story. Jason's must be an extra long rope for all the supporters to hang on to. We live in such a great community that can be proud of caring for one another. Here is one of my favorites from our old sports days, I thought I'd share too - check out this link :-)

    Take care, stay strong and positive - Anne Peck

  5. looking good jason take that hat off so i can see hairr growing they make perfect heads the rest get hair i got that rope stretched all the way to maui good to see grandma dee on job they dont make them better than her best bob bailey

  6. Stopped with Lee to see Sharon and Griffi this morning. He is such a little character and always has that mischievous little grin (reminds me of Jason). The kids are so great, making the best of every day and John and Sharon seem to be totally enjoying them.Glad Colette went to lunch with Deanna and the Morrisons; thought I would come up one day when Deanna is going on her own. Hope Cadence has a great, fun weekend and some time with Mom and Dad. Thinking of you Dave and Lynn