Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February 9th 2011

Another eventful day in Jigger's world! They were happy with how his first meal went last night so they pulled the feeding tube out so he is on solid food for sure now. The removal of the trake is not to far behind once they are happy that he can clear his lunges on his own.

He got to enjoy another hospital meal tonight with the Kids, they are up for the extended weekend to visit Dad! As you can see from the smiles he is making huge progress! That is not his first glass of WATER either!

Go Jigger!


  1. Hey Colette, told you I would post tonight, I had a great visit with you. The picture is great, Jason looks so good! Take care.

  2. Glad to hear the feeding tube is out and you can enjoy regular food. Hopefully the trach will follow soon. Nice that your family can enjoy the weekend with you. I'm sure time away from each other is difficult. Say hello to Don, Deanna & Greg, for me will you? Much strength to you!

    Laurie Stol (Whitecotton)

  3. Dear Jason, Love the picture (truly worth 1000 words)!! Cannot express how happy we are at your progress.Have a great weekend with the kids and please say "Hi" to Cam. Hugs to Colette; she must be so relieved to see how you are improving every day !!Love to all. Lynn and Dave

  4. Hello from Mexico...Awesome progress and keep up the good work Jason...Love to read the updates...Love Ken & Marlene

  5. Atta Boy Jigger !!!! Keep it up..

    Rec.Center Staff